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  1. Yay! Julie looks SO much better than in the other covers (I assume the dark haired woman in several of the covers is supposed to be her, but she doesn’t look anything like how she’s described)

    1. This is my favorite Julie that I’ve seen on any of the covers, too. Actually, this is my favorite of any female on any of the MHI covers.

    1. At this point we’re back down to just straight, no plugin, out of the box WordPress commenting.
      What browser are you using, please?
      Anyone else seeing this?

        1. Can you try again, please, and let me know if it’s still doing it.
          Also, if anyone else is having the autofill problem *since now*, please let me know.

      1. I still keep seeing comments that I didn’t write with my name on them, and I’m not sure if it’s actually using my name and email, or if I need to use a more distinctive username than just my initials. Also comments getting double-posted sometimes. I’m on Chrome.

      2. It’s on the machine at work – Windows Explorer 11, version 11.0.09600.19101, update version 11.0.75 (KB4343205). No other options available here, and I’m not the IT wonk so I can’t fiddle.

        This reply popped up non-populated, so I guess you kicked it in the right spot. :V

      1. Destro is descended from servants of Cthulhu, re: the 80’s animated series….

        Anyway, I approve the new Baroness look! Woman might have made some bad decisions about her life and goals, but she knew how to dress.

    1. By the by… I cant post if I use my main Gmail account. Tells me that its spam, regardless of the content.

  2. Result is automatic: Take my money. I only need to know when it can be pre-ordered now…(taps foot waiting impatiently). 🙂

  3. I always imagine the actress who played Fred in Angel as Julie, only a little more buff than she is currently.

  4. I remember a picture Larry posted of himself and wife as Destro and the Baroness. This cover looks strangely familiar. HA!

    Re: Autofill. It happened once to me today, but otherwise I haven’t seen the problem in a couple of months.

  5. Hottest gal sidekick ever – the brunette in Tank Girl. This cover makes me recall that performance. Just sayin’. As for the others – pretty sure I dated the sister of at least one of those gals. Here’s hoping for a successful launch.

  6. Female somewhat-human heads, arms, and torsos, snakes for the rest of their bodies – nagas or lamias seem likely IIRC.

    Is it stupid of me to watch Thor: Ragnarok and see the ILOH in the bald guy taking on a horde of zombies with a pair of machine guns? Or Eric Flint in the affable, friendly revolutionary whose uprising failed because he “didn’t print enough pamphlets”?

    No problems with autofill.

  7. I supposed there’s a story behind why she’s not using a submachine gun on her right hand instead of a sword.

  8. Lookin at those snake things I heard Sallah saying “Asp. Very dangerous you go first.” Is it me, or does the pistol look like a P320?

    1. It looks like a horribly oversized Glock slide on a compact 320 frame.

      Certainly not a beautiful 1911.

      Apart from that, cover looks great!

      I’m pretty excited for this one.

  9. God news, bad news. I now know when it will be out! Yay!!
    But I am going to have to wait a whole Year! Waaaa!

  10. The cover looks quite good, but:
    – her left wrist looks tiny (even taking into account perspective; also it is more of top-down view where there would be no such shortening compared to other arm – they are the same distanc from viewer)
    – if it is one handed arming sword, why longish handle
    – those nagas are so close, that if they are aggressive, she is goner
    – this is meant to be protective gear, so why boobs window (though it is not stupidly large, fortunately)

    1. As for the long-handled sword, you fight with the sword you have, not the one you wish you had.

      Why the boobs window? This is the ILOH we’re talking about! Marketing, man, marketing!

      I mean, it’s a super-bad librarian Guardian chick taking on a horde of lamias (or whatever) with a sword and a handgun. It’s a little late to obsess about realism.

      All snark aside, I can’t wait for the book to come out. This is probably going to be another eARC buy for me because I won’t have the patience to wait for the official release.

      1. On second thought re: the cleavage shot, maybe this is the Cosmo cover art.

        Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

    2. “this is meant to be protective gear, so why boobs window”

      Dude. This is a book cover, not a fricking body-armor catalog. Try not to let the SJWs rot your brain.

      1. I wish they put boobs windows on the men’s gear. Us ladies like some pec action. (And as Jakub implies, it would make about as much sense from a realism standpoint.)

        1. The boob window would be ridiculous, but there is no reason why some of the covers can’t harken back to the days of Doc Savage and his torn shirts that hang on only by the cuffs and collar.

  11. I don’t think it’s ready yet. He sent out a tweet or I read on this web page that he was 3/4 done with it. Showin ‘ a little butt-hurt, but I would think he could have it done before next September. (shrugging shoulders.)

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