My Salt Lake City FanX Schedule

I’m still suffering from a condition called Dragon Brain (symptoms include doing nothing but laying on the couch streaming old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares for up to 24 hours) but already I’m off to another convention tomorrow.

Thursday, September 6th

2:00 PM What I Know Now, What I Wish I Knew Then: A Writer’s Journey – 251A

4:00 PM All That Glitters. Building a Believable Magic System. – 151D

6:30 PM Book Signing – Bard’s Tower Booth 401

8:00 PM Tick, Tick, Kaboom. Launching an RPG Campaign – 251A

Friday September 7th

12:00 PM Makers of Stories: Writing Novels and Short Stories – 151D

3:00 PM Book Signing – The Printed Garden Booth 801

Saturday September 8th

12:30 PM Book Signing – Bard’s Tower Booth 401

3:00 PM The Predator, 30 Years on the Hunt – 151D

4:00 PM Book Signing – The Printed Garden Booth 801

September Update Post
My short story collection, Target Rich Environment is Out Now

2 thoughts on “My Salt Lake City FanX Schedule”

  1. It was wonderful to meet you at Dragon Con. So thrilled with the new book – keep them coming. Looking forward to many more years of fun to come.

  2. It was such a great experience meeting you and FanX, I was turned onto your books about a year ago and have been reading them back to back since. I saw you a few times around FanX and you always had a big smile on your face and were super kind and personable to everyone.
    Thank you so much for making my FanX experience better! My new signed Target Rich Environment book is now the proud centerpiece to my book collection.

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