My DragonCon Schedule

Here is my schedule for DragonCon. The most important thing on there is Sunday night, because for my solo panel they asked my wife to be the moderator.  😀

11:00 AM Book Signing at the Missing Volume
1:00 PM V-Wars
2:30 PM Monsters Are People Too
5:30 PM Guns 101: How to Get Started
11:30 AM Bugging in 201: Riding out the Disaster
1:00 PM BYOMC: Bring Your Own Magical Creature
2:30 PM Baen Books Travelling Slide Show & Prize Patrol
5:30 PM The Yin & Yang of Bang-Bang
8:30 PM The World & the Game

10:00 AM Book Signing at Bard’s Tower
2:00 PM Third Annual Dragon Awards Presentation
3:00 PM Book Signing at the Missing Volume
5:30 PM Meet the Authors: Dragon Awards
10:00 PM Showcase: Larry Correia (The Larry & Bridget show)

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Infinity RPG 2nd session recap

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  1. Delighted to know you’ll be there. Sorry to say I won’t be finding you in the elevator and introducing you to people who’ve never seen either of us; that was fun, glad you thought so last year at the Westin.

    I notice a bunch of programs this year with “diversity” in the title. I think I’ll go with the big Portuguese farmer. He apparently has great taste in guns and women, reads and writes like lightning and is funny!
    See ya soon – look for the mobster with the Thompson!

  2. Guns 101: How to get started

    Have someone take notes or something. It ought to be a blog post.
    Heck, if you wanted to create a bunch of decent blog posts you could easily cherry pick some panels.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, please! I cannot ask/beg/cajole/bribe anyone enough to take notes and give a run-down of all of the good parts that Larry shares with the attendees. I cannot make it to DragonCon, but I am new to guns (or will be new, I plan on purchasing my first firearm before Thanksgiving), and would love to hear/read what Larry has to say. I have read as many of his blog posts on guns here on MHN (some a few times) as I could find, and have learned quite a bit, but I am trying to absorb as much information as I can before I make a well-educated purchase. Larry’s thoughts on conceal-carry, how not to act in a gun store, and “gun control” are invaluable to someone new to the culture.

      So, if anyone wants to share what Larry shares with the audience, I am all ears (or eyes, I suppose, since it will be in written format. But saying “all eyes” approaches creepy/weird/Agent Franks territory).

      1. Learn the four rules. Always wear ear and eye protection. Get a 22LR rifle first (Savage 64F is less than 120+transfer fees. It’s made in Canada so price may be going up soon.).

        Barring legal restrictions, only a shotgun (Stevens 320, Interstate Arms Hawk, Maverick 88/Mossberg 500/Mossberg 590) with a light and AR-15 (Smith and Wesson, Ruger, PSA, and Aero if you want cheap that works) with a light are the only arms worth considering for home defense. By contrast there are loads of good concealed carry pistols with their own pros/cons, so long as you pick a 9mm with good defensive ammo.

        1. Pretty good advice. I still have the .22 I learned with and my son will learn on it also. I personally own a Stevens 320, set up for home defense and can attest to its reliability. Even my tiny wife can handle the recoil and can get a few rounds downrange with some accuracy. But the most important things, learn the safety rules and PRACTICE!

  3. John Ward the Executive Director of GAMA which runs Origins did not have his contract for Executive Director renewed by the Board. There is an official press release announcing this.

    A member of GAMA sent the press release to me.

      1. The official press release (copied from a pdf) is:
        August 24, 2018
        For Immediate Release
        The Board of Directors of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has passed a motion electing not to renew the current employment contract of its Executive Director, John Ward.

        John Ward has served GAMA in the Executive Director role for ten years. He led the
        organization through a difficult time by building its annual events — the Origins Game Fair and GAMA Trade Show — and retiring its debt. The Board thanks John for his service and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

        In looking ahead to the next ten years, the board’s vision is to build a trade organization that supports the businesses of its members by promoting tabletop gaming more widely than ever before, collecting and making available useful and up-to-date industry data, educating members about opportunities and best practices, and sharing ever-increasing resources among the membership. In the spirit of the organization’s purpose, mission, and vision — updated in 2016 by a special committee whose work was ratified by the membership — the board sees GAMA providing exceptional educational programs and opportunities, organizing high quality information and resources into accessible hubs, promoting gaming as quality social entertainment to the widest possible audience, and more.

        GAMA is the non-profit trade organization of the hobby games industry. Its mission is to be the essential nexus for new and experienced game industry professionals, and its vision is to see a game on every table and a table for every gamer.

        An Executive Director job description and call for applicants will be posted on the website when the board is ready to consider applicants. The board encourages all enthusiastic, qualified candidates to apply. The board also thanks the outgoing Executive Director for agreeing to help during the transition period.

        The board of directors always welcomes both members and gamers to contact them by email
        at about any matter of concern, or any suggestion for improvement. All
        emails are read and entered into GAMA’s records.

        A Special Membership Meeting has also been announced. Its agenda, in part, is to hear
        feedback from GAMA members and the public in service of the board’s values of consensus and transparency. The meeting will take place in Columbus, Ohio (where GAMA’s staff and office are located) on September 24, 2018 at 1:00 Eastern time in the Union Station Ballroom of TM the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Members may also attend by teleconference.

        Further information on this option will be posted at prior to the meeting.
        Members of the Board of Directors are elected to two-year terms at the organization’s Annual Membership Meeting each year at the Origins Game Fair, save the representatives of the Retail members and Wholesale members, who are elected to one-year terms at the GAMA Trade Show.

        The GAMA bylaws vest in its Board the responsibility to hire the organization’s Executive
        Director to carry out the day-to-day affairs of the organization. The non-profit’s bylaws are available online at its website,
        # # #
        Address inquiries to GAMA Secretary Brian Dalrymple (

      2. From the FB Group:

        This happened over at GAMA – the org behind Origins

        “The GAMA Board of Directors has called for a Special Membership Meeting after narrowly voting to oust Executive Director John Ward at the end of his current contract in February. The vote was to not renew Ward’s contract when it expires.”

        “Former GAMA Deputy Director Angela Ward has retained Columbus, Ohio employment attorney David Stouffer as counsel, after the GAMA Board of Directors voted to terminate her employment as of July 25. “There were some possible legal issues with the termination and with some aspects of her employment, so right now we’re working with GAMA on the other side to see if we can resolve the situation amicably for everybody,” Stouffer told ICv2.

        This is another sign of internal dissension and turmoil at GAMA, which is meeting Thursday to consider the fate of organization President Stephan Brissaud, who’s accused of assaulting a security guard at Gen Con”

  4. Some day I shall attend the greatness that is DragonCon, but it is [sadly] not this day.

    Until then, I shall enjoy it vicariously through the fun stories of those who get to attend.

  5. Sorry I missed Dragon Con, I was really hoping to meet with you
    I would like your permission to start a Cosplay MHI group in Lake City FL

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