Last Chance to Nominate for the Dragon Awards

Anybody can nominate books for the Dragon Awards, but the nomination period cuts off tomorrow. If you read a book that came out during the eligible period, and you thought it was awesome* now is your chance to plug it.

The Dragon Award is open to everybody. It doesn’t cost anything to participate. 

And authors, unlike certain other snooty awards, the Dragon wants you to promote your stuff to your fans.

* but don’t nominate me. I’ve won already. Spread the love! There are lots of other awesome writers out there who deserve the recognition.

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16 thoughts on “Last Chance to Nominate for the Dragon Awards”

  1. I’d have tried to promote the last book I published, but life’s been a bundle of chaos and I completely forgot that it was eligible. (Aff’s Diary book 1: Blessed Hope)

    Next book, hopefully…

  2. Sent mine in on Wednesday. And my latest book, Shadow of an Empire? Totally eligible.

    Couple of the categories really made me think, though. I ended up giving my nomination for best fantasy video game to Frostpunk, but I had to think about it for a while.

  3. Dear IT friends. I viewed this page to check out the comments via the link to Shadowdancer’s comment. To my surprise, the comment box was filled with Max’s name and email. I unclicked the ‘save my name’ box, and hit refresh. Then his comment posted, and I still had his credentials, and apparently the ability to edit. (Or at least, delete.) Finally, I refreshed again, and had blank boxes to fill in with my stuff.

    Is there an address that I can send further details to? If needed or requested?

    I am very sure max was not posting from this computer and browser.

    1. !!!

      Well now that’s very weird. I think I’ll just uncheck that box labeled “save my info for later” now. What an odd bug! Glad that didn’t have anything too vital in it (well, the e-mail is a bit alarming, but still).

  4. I’m trying to read International, but it just seems like libertarian gun porn. And the love triangle? Thanks, but no one needs that much cliche in their diet. You lost the Hugo because you’re not a very good writer. If there is a conspiracy, it’s with whomever gave you instruction in writing. To quote the movie Kung Pow, “We have purposely trained him wrong as a joke.”

    1. Too bad that my Hugo nomination was for my 8th novel, not my first one. Try harder, dipshit. 😀

    2. Have you noticed that this year’s Worldcon has descended into the cannibalistic, self referential, virtue signaling grievance Olympics that we predicted? It is hilarious. And the result is inflicting a whiny festival of bitter unfun on the people who paid money to be entertained.

    3. And yet Larry’s a New York Times bestseller and all you can do is leave mean comments on his blog.

      1. Guys like this think they matter, even though I’ve made a couple million bucks off MHI now. The series has 6 books, 3 spin offs, an anthology (with 7 NYT bestsellers who were excited to write in the universe), a TV option, and more stuff coming. But oh no. Some anonymous shitbird said mean things about my first book I wrote over a decade ago. Whatever will I do? 😀

    4. Wow, you’re a living example of why it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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