Sign David Weber’s Petition In Support of Free Speech at Cons

The petition is here:

So here is basically what happened to cause all this. John Ringo was supposed to be guest of honor at ConCarolinas. A small, but exceedingly loud contingent threw a fit about that (including some of the same people who threw a fit to get me kicked out of Origins). The con committee did not boot John, John mutually decided with the con that it wasn’t worth the hassle and he was going to stay home. However the con committee did bungle the announcement, so it sounded like John was the bad guy. The angry mob rejoiced and then emboldened went about trying to kick non-liberals out of other cons, succeeding in some (Origins) and failing miserably and getting their asses fired at others (DragonCon).

However, the head of the con committee, Jada, realized that they’d screwed up, and tried to make it right. She worked with the very reasonable and articulate David Weber to try and come up with an agreement to protect guests in the future. And then at the closing ceremony of ConCarolinas, they declared that never again would they bow to pressures from an online outrage mob, and disinvite already invited guests.

The seats weren’t even cold before their saying they wouldn’t cave to outrage, all of a sudden caused a whole bunch of outrage.

A petition was started to remove Jada and another fellow named Luis from the con committee. It’s all social justice speak about unsafe micro whatevers and how disenfranchised blah blah blah buzzword bingo.

As of right now, it has 113 signatures, and many of the signatories are “anonymous” or “interested party”.

David Weber is a good man, and he put in a lot of time and effort with the concom to work this out to protect other authors in the future (and also agreed to be their GoH next year, and he’s a huge draw), so when he saw the petition of goofy butt hurt he started his own petition in response, in defense of free speech and not booting guests just because somebody on the internet made up some allegations and threw a tantrum.

The petition is here:

Notice that it has 1370 signatures in less time, and these are all people using their actual names.

That’s 12 times as many people in support of Jada’s decision to stand up to the internet mobs than against. That’s pretty damned telling.

12 to 1 so far. I’m betting that is a similar ratio to real life sane humans versus the perpetually offended on the internet. Except the 1 gets all the attention, and all the media coverage, because they scream the loudest. In fact, they scream so loud, and so often, that many people overestimate how many of these people there actually are.

And that number is assuming that Anonymous or Interested Party isn’t just a funny way to spell Sock Puppet. They might be as real as File 770’s much bragged about internet traffic.

These people have gotten particularly shrill lately. They are dramatically flouncing out of anything that won’t bend to their will, and being really loud about it. That’s actually a good thing. See, the difference between people who believe in free speech and people who don’t, is that they want us to be silenced while we want them to keep talking so that everyone can see just how full of crap they are.

The original petition is to remove Jada and Luis. She is guilty of disagreeing with bullies. Apparently his crime was that he was the head of con security, has a concealed weapons permit, and was legally carrying a firearm. The hotel knew and didn’t care, the local cops knew and didn’t care, but icky scary guns they didn’t actually see also make these people feel “unsafe.” Of course, this didn’t stop some of the sleazy File 770 crowd from alerting the hotel about this maniac (i.e. law abiding citizen acting in accordance with state law) to try and get the whole convention booted from the venue. Because anything these people can’t control, they must destroy. Good thing they’re so inept about it.

So I would encourage everyone to take a look at David Weber’s poll, and if you agree, add your name to the list.

When organizations stand up against the bullies, and ask for things like evidence of their endless accusations, they need to know that they are supported. The bullies are loud and never ever stop. Most regular people just want to mind their own business and be left alone. But they won’t leave you be. Eventually you will do or say something that provokes them, and then they’ll try to destroy you too.

Some of us are even buying supporting memberships to the convention in order to send a bigger message. I just did. Because that’s another thing about us versus the perpetually outraged, our side actually spends money.  Caving in to that 1 in 12 doesn’t just make you look dumb, it also makes you poor, because the 12 are now going to be annoyed at you. As the saying goes, Get Woke, Go Broke.


EDIT:  It is now about 30 to 1.  So 30 people supporting free speech to every 1 safe space demanding social justice whiner. And it is probably even worse considering most of those are signed Anonymous.

Which just goes to show why nobody should listen to these cry bullies.

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54 thoughts on “Sign David Weber’s Petition In Support of Free Speech at Cons”

  1. Signed and supported. Unfortunately, I borked my rationale relating to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – “consisted” should read “consistant”.

  2. Its worse than that. They are trying to get conCarolina banned from their hotel, Jason Gilbert made a facebook post saying he called the hotel and told them that con staff were walking around with guns. The file770 klux klan is calling for the con to get banned. Other posters are calling for con staff to be arrested. They stayed at a holiday inn express last night and claim that since carrying a gun violates hotel policy they are criminals and deserve prosecution.

    Its all over there posts in multile threads.

    Gilbert and other FKK( file770 klux klan) are also accusng the con of being rude to guests and hosting the most god awful con ever. So bad that it should just be cancelled.

  3. Overnight, the pro-CC petition added 600 names.

    Overnight, the anti-CC petition added nine, six of which were Anonymous, one of which was an obvious troll.

    Since I logged in this morning, the anti has added another 5, only one of which gave a name (well, a real name, not “SJW Hitler). Weber’s petition?

    Over 400.

    Weber also suggests buying a membership for next year if you can (attending is discounted and costs the same as supporting for now). I did and sent a note to the con saying I expect a refund if they change the con chairs.

  4. 1670 in favour of free speech now.

    And don’t forget, mixed in with “anonymous” and “interested party” in the anti- petition are Claud Bawls and Josef “Uncle” Stalin. It’s pretty embarrassing for them.

  5. First petition I’ve ever signed online, used my real name.
    Only way to fight back I think…sadly, given my preference for anonymity

  6. The counter petition is approaching 1,800 signatures. The other guys, drumroll please: 115.

  7. Purchased a supporting membership. Somewhere, out there, there’s someone who would love to meet their favorite author. Somewhere, out there, that someone can’t afford to buy a membership or can’t travel to a con hours and hours away to see them. That was for them. Lies, power plays and petitions to drive away volunteers because their opinions offend you should not be rewarded. Those that work hard and sacrifice to put on a con should be recognized. Signing the petition was for them.

  8. I signed the petition last night and bought a supporting membership this morning. I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO BULLIES!!!!

  9. Good. The SJW crowd has always been a very loud and very small minority.

    Instead of apologizing to them, one should suggest they get psychiatric help.

  10. Done and done. Petition and supporting membership.

    $25 to poke an SJW in the eye is money well spent.

  11. Problem with this petition folks, I want to sign because I agree with all of it; but it wont let me because I don’t have Facebook to verify I am a real person? Since when is Facebook a valid form of ID? WTF?

  12. Signed.
    You know, knowing that David will be GoH at a certain con is an awful strong incentive to go to it; even for a guy like me up here in New Hampshire. Of course I do have family scattered around the southeast that I’d be obliged to visit while I’m down there. 😉

  13. Petition signed. I’m not a big con goer – usually only two a year, LibertyCon and DragonCon. But if the committee can keep their act together I’m going to look into ConCarolina for next year, if for no other reason than to put my money where my mouth is and support people doing the right thing.

  14. The sound and fury of the few will always drown out the silence of the many. Now is time for the silent to wake and be heard.

  15. I signed it, with my name, the one I use for writing. I said I’d stand with you against this, Larry, and I’m going all in.

    My name and reputation is all I have.

  16. Well stated. I already signed, and posted a link to my Facebook page.

    I have been promoting actual tolerance at local conventions for years. Now that I am retired from the US Army, I am on a staff, or a volunteer for several conventions, and on the board of one.

    I encourage others to get involved. From becoming a supporting member, to volunteering, even part of a staff or board. Actions speak louder than words.

  17. It’s 8:45am CST on Saturday, June 9, and the petition (which I of course signed) now has 2,668 signatures. According to the somewhat dated attendance figures on Wikipedia, ConCarolinas has annual attendance in the 1000-1300 range. Looks to me like taking a principled stand on dis-invitation may be way to boost future attendance!

  18. Signed. Tired of the perpetually offended getting their way. May this lead to more SJW butthurt.

  19. I think I’ve figured out why the Anti-Puppies are so willing to target Weber. Someone of your dairy farmer privilege cannot possibly have started Sad Puppies on your own. You are a natural ally of the left, unless misled by some nefarious individual. That can’t be Toni, because likewise, so it has to be those ultra-right-wingers Flint, Weber, Williamson etc. So Weber’s been writing your books? XD

  20. Let’s start killing them. I’m sure the others will quiet down when they notice their numbers shrinking.

  21. Signed. Dave is good people, and he’s always been a good guy to have at a con. He’s a good draw, and his fans are decent folks by and large (haven’t met one that isn’t yet). If he’s backing this, then it’s worth it for my dime.

  22. If you like gaming, ConCarolinas is a lot of fun. The people organizing the gaming side are the same people who run 3+ 100% gaming cons annually. I’ve been to two MACE events (the guys who run gaming at ConCarolinas) and had an excellent time. If you are a GM, the registration and process they use is also very GM friendly.

  23. Signed the petition, it was up to 3,047 when I looked this morning.

    It’ll be interesting to see how many SJWs there really are out there. Given China Mike’s traffic when he links me (unnoticeable) I’d guess a couple hundred tops.

    Sarah Hoyt linked me on Instapundit this morning, I have 2000+ hits already.

    Once the con committees understand the demographics at work here, I’m sure they’ll remember which side their bread is buttered on. As the old saying goes, money talks and bullshit walks.

  24. I went ahead and signed. It’s not really my home area, but who knows, I could move in the next couple years. Fortunately, the cons around here aren’t jumping on the banning bandwagon.

  25. Dear Larry: After encountering your huge and amusing, articulate self in the Westin elevator (twice!) at DragonCon, the Mrs & I are huge fans. I thought you might like to know I cosplay a 1930s gangster, with fedora, pinstripe suit, and 1927 Thompson real enough to make people step back when I rack the (properly open!) bolt.
    I have had people claim before that when I am hanging with the Atlanta PD, I’m in trouble, but my answer to that was a Brooklyn-tinged, “Whattayu tawkin’ about? Donchoo KNOW what a “community organizer from Chickawgo” IS? We’re IN CHAHGE, BABY!”
    And everybody in earshot went, “Oh, shit, he’s right!”
    So much for being afraid of big scary guns. Ya gotta look CLOSE at my Thompson – it’s a MGC blank shooter – but while you’re at it, you might want to make sure the Lara Croft cosplayer doesn’t really have two Glocks on her. I’ve seen that one.

    1. Thompson open bolt – you just gave me a flashback to my days as a screw at a midwest big house. Trouble in the yard led to staff being posted around the wall and the top of buildings – with assorted implements. The deputy warden (a fat clown disguised as a fat clown) was given a Thompson.
      Spent some time trying to close the bolt, and eventually succeeded.

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