28 thoughts on “House of Assassins Cover Reveal”

  1. Sweet. Looking forward to it. Is this one going to have that as the actual cover, or as inside art with a cover that matches the first book?

  2. Go to Kurt Miller’s website to see the artwork. The cover for Target Rich Environment is one best covers I have seen. Larry you look awesome in MHI livery. Kurt has upped his game lately.

    1. Posted in Toni’s table Baen Bar by The lady herself.

      As it happens… this is straight from the artist himself:

      “Now we have a original painting of “Target Rich Environment” Volume 1. Kurt Miller converted his digital cover art of Larry Correia into an original oil painting on canvas. 24″x33″ framed oil painting selling at $4,000. Larry Correia is the model. If interested please contact Kurt Miller’s email – kurtmiller@kmistudio.com


  3. Major kudos for the cover. Not only is it quite well rendered, but it also shows the character actually doing something. Too many book covers just feature the main character staring blankly head-on at the camera. This cover tells a story all by itself, I love it.

  4. Ooh, oh, ooh, can we buy a poster or print of the cover? I’m sure the contents of the book will be fantastic, but I’d love to have that cover as a print in my office.

  5. Most anticipated book of 2019. I was hoping Larry Elmore would do your 2nd cover but this is a worthy successor.

  6. If you haven’t already leased the video game rights to someone for the SotBS series, I would look into trying to get CD Projekt Red to pick them up in… about 2 years or so given their current projects.

  7. WHAT? Hey, who’s that jerk putting red graffiti on that nice wall? SOMEBODY KICK HIS ASS!

  8. Gorgeous. And “Target Rich Environment” is one of the nicer pieces of fantasy portrait art that I’ve ever seen.

    I conclude that you and Scott Foster, and probably some financial-side FBI agents, need to start the League of Cool Accountants. You can build a secret Bunker of Accountant Justice up on the mountain.

  9. FWIW, this site keeps breaking for me… Sometimes the main page won’t load, sometimes the comment section would throw 403 or 500. Not sure if it’s just me, or what.

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