Next BOOK BOMB is 3/6/18, Tuesday, for Mike Kupari’s Sci-Fi Novel, Sins of Her Father

Mark your calendars.  The next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb is going to be on Tuesday, 3/6.

Sins of Her Father
by Mike Kupari

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Book Bombs, that’s when we all get behind an author who could use a publicity books, and get as many people as possible to buy their book on the same day. This boosts it through the sales rankings on Amazon, and the higher it gets, the more new people see it.  The author gets a lot of new fans, and more importantly GETS PAID.

In this case, the author in question is Mike Kupari, who many of you will remember as my coauthor on the Dead Six series. Well since then Mike has launched his solo career. He is an awesome story teller.

Tuesday is the release day for his 2nd sci-fi novel, Sins of Her Father. The first one, Her Brother’s Keeper, was great. It’s like the old school sci-fi we loved when we were kids. Space ships, exploration, adventure, pirates, battles, and all around cool stuff done really well.

BOOK BOMB! Sins of Her Father by Mike Kupari
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12 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB is 3/6/18, Tuesday, for Mike Kupari’s Sci-Fi Novel, Sins of Her Father”

  1. Already bought and paid for, just waiting for the download to go active. It will be #1 or 2 on my TBR starting Tuesday.

  2. More or less credit given to the author if you purchase a paperback or digital? (both is best, i’m sure)

  3. I’ll buy it.

    Wasn’t crazy about the first one, but with his work from Dead Six, I’m hopeful this is better, I love a good space opera.

  4. I’ve never regretted participating in any book bomb, and I loved the first book and the Dead Six books. In.

  5. Looking forward to this one. Wrote Mr. Kupari after reading the first novel to tell him how much I enjoyed it. I hadn’t had the urge to do that in many years but that’s how much I liked the book.

  6. I enjoyed the first one a whole lot. I definitely want to read the second. So the plan is buy it *tomorrow*… right?

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