Heads Up, Fund Raiser For a Good Man Fighting Cancer

I just saw this fund raiser for someone I’ve known for a long time. He has been battling cancer and has been going through an extremely hard time.


Chris is a good dude and one of the smartest people I know. He’s been a regular on the forums and Facebook for a long time, so many of you know him too. Please check this out.

I hate cancer.

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3 thoughts on “Heads Up, Fund Raiser For a Good Man Fighting Cancer”

  1. Do it.
    I did.
    All the cool kids are.
    And since he’s an ‘Evil Ammosexual’, it’ll piss of the leftists most pleasantly.

  2. Fuck cancer. Sent some green love to he and Mel last week. Would have sent more, but I’m in phase 2 chemo for leukemia right now, and not sure when I’ll be back at work.

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