Tom Stranger 2 COVER REVEAL – Releases 1/23/2018, narrated by Adam Baldwin

Tom Stranger 2: A Murder of Manatees releases next week on Audible.  It is narrated by Adam Baldwin and available for preorder now.

And here is the cover!

Murder of Manatees

When half your galaxy is unexpectedly sucked into a black hole – when a hitherto-unknown species of space aliens lays waste to your home planet – when disaster rears its ugly head (or heads) – who can you call for faster-than-light appraisals and best-in-the-multiverse customer service? Just one man – Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent.

In this latest chapter of his interstellar exploits, Tom is about to deliver a crushing performance evaluation to Jimmy the Intern when the unimaginable happens: The beloved Wendell the Manatee has been kidnapped! Armed with his battle mechs and his elite corps of junior associates, can Tom find Wendell before he’s canned in oil? And can Jimmy, at long last, channel his inner agent?

A Murder of Manatees will make you quiver with fear, laugh uncontrollably, and wonder whether your deductibles are too high.

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EDIT: Book Bomb postponed! This book is supposed to get bombed in MARCH!

9 thoughts on “Tom Stranger 2 COVER REVEAL – Releases 1/23/2018, narrated by Adam Baldwin”

  1. I’ll be getting this one. I started the first one and the wife more or less forbid me from listening to the rest of it without her. She will be joining me for part two.

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