January Update

2017 was a busy year. Monster Hunter Siege was the biggest release I’ve ever had, and the most successful tour of my career.

The Monster Hunter Files did extremely good. Anthologies don’t sell as well as novels, but this one did fantastic.

I had short stories published in Aliens: Bug Hunt, Predator: If it Bleeds, Joe Ledger: Unstoppable, Straight Out Of Tombstone, and I think I’m forgetting another one.  EDIT TO ADD, I forgot, I had a story in the Freehold anthology, Forged in Blood.

This is what I’ve got coming out so far in 2018.

On January 23rd, the second episode of The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent comes out on Audible. It is called A Murder of Manatees and is narrated once again by Adam Baldwin.

The mass market paperback for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners, comes out on January 30th. This is the 2nd book of the memoirs trilogy, by me and John Ringo.

July 3rd is the release date of Saints, the final book of the Monster Hunter Memoirs trilogy.

The mass market paperback for Monster Hunter Siege comes out April 24th.

In September is the release of volume one of my short fiction collection, Target Rich Environment. This one is awesome. It includes some new stuff, as well as some of my favorite short stories I’ve written, which most of my fans have never seen.

Then there is the stuff that I’m working on, that I don’t have release dates for.

I’m almost done with House of Assassins, the sequel to Son of the Black Sword (2nd in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior). It is bad ass. I should have the rough out to Reader Force Alpha this month.

Sarah Hoyt has written the rough draft of Monster Hunter Guardian (the Julie Shackleford novel) which I will be working on as soon as I’m done with House of Assassins. It is awesome and I’m really excited to work on this.

Once I’m done with Guardian, I’ll be going back to the 3rd book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, which is called Destroyer of Worlds.

Gallant Knight Games is working on the MHI Savage Worlds RPG to fulfill our very successful Kickstarter. (It turns out we were in the top 20 of crowd funded RPGs).

At the same time, I’ve got multiple collaborations going on.

Steve Diamond is working on the rough draft of our Trench Warfare Fantasy.  Think WW1 eastern front, in a world with dark fairy tale magic, and instead of tanks it’s dudes in armor suits made out of dead golems.

John Brown is working on the rough draft of our Sci-Fi, space pirates novel. This is the one where all the plot elements were given to us by my son, and we outlined the whole book live at LTUE.

There is going to be a 2nd Monster Hunter Files anthology, but this time it is going to be made up of five novellas. I’ve reached out to the authors I’m going to use, but I need to get that hammered out with them so they can start work.

I’m also co-editing another anthology for Baen, but I don’t think I can announce that one yet.

There is new stuff coming to the SWAG store, including new patches.

Also, don’t forget you can buy ammo with the MHI logo on it! J

In personal news, the Yard Moose Mountain 2 project is on hold until it thaws. In 2017 we cut the road, did the geological survey, got all the permits done, and dug a well. It was a year of infrastructure and paperwork. Once the snow melts we will break ground for the new house.

2017 was an awesome year. I’m looking forward to getting a lot done in 2018.

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38 thoughts on “January Update”

  1. Congratulations on all the success, Larry! Just started Siege as my first read of the year after a busy 2017 that kept me from my to-read pile. Tearing through it.

  2. These are the kind of updates that fans love to read. I look forward to new novels from my favorite writers. I don’t expect you to write them, want maybe but not expect. I don’t think anything is owed me but is there anything wrong with being friendly about the updates or even sounding excited about it? GRRM tells people to fuck off and if he dies before he finishes his series he’s got orders that all his unfinished work is to be destroyed. Rothfuss does the same thing and gets his fans to defend him if you dare ask for an update. They act like we’re about to pull their fingernails off just for asking the question. And there are others…Scalzi seems to be a prick too. Everything is doom and gloom with that guy. Someone needs to tell Scalzi just because he doesn’t like the President does it mean the rest of us have to be unhappy too.
    I don’t have any problems with you guys (writers) sharing your thoughts. Whether political or otherwise on your web page. It’s your page, do what you want. I love reading about your success and it puts a smile on my face when I see you enjoying that success. It’s the least you deserve for all the enjoyment you’ve give me. Maybe some of those dates or your projections have to change but you’re working and you’re showing us that you are. I would like to think it’s a mutual beneficial relationship between and author and reader to keep us coming back for more. You don’t write a novel worth of blogs and tweets and not actually produce novels in the meantime. I might be a little harsh on some of those guys and I know you are not the only one who is good about updates. Brandon Sanderson, who I enjoy, is good about updates as well minus his political opinion…but that’s okay. Like I said it’s your page so use it how you want to. Thanks for the updates Larry and continued success. You keep writing them, I’ll keep buying them. To a great 2018.

  3. Do you think you will write anymore Malcontents books in the future? They don’t seem to have gotten as much hype as some of your other series but are some of my favorites.

    1. The Malcontents are one of my favorites, too. I think there’s one more planned novel – Into the Dark, if memory serves – though it looks like the roster is pretty full for this year. Maybe 2019?

      Worth waiting for, in any case. It’s not like we won’t have plenty of other new stuff coming out, after all.

  4. Cool. I am definitely looking forward to ‘The House of Assassins’ . . . but no rush, anything worth waiting for is worth waiting for.

    And Weird War One . . . that sounds intriguing.

  5. I did not see any information on the main MHI story line. Is there not to be an novel out for them this year? And no I do not think I am owed it ;P

  6. “…and instead of tanks it’s dudes in armor suits made out of dead golems.”

    Where do I send my money?

      1. Depends on what type of Golem it is. Flesh would be a lot of meat, stone would be rocks, so I’m guessing the ones mentioned in the update will probably have been metal golems.

  7. Haven’t picked up the MH anthologies yet. But darn you Mr C., MHI was addicting as hell. I picked up MHI on a recommendation, without having picked up the rest. Couldn’t put it down, and the next day had to go back to the store and pick up the rest of the series. Spent Christmas week devouring them. And realized that Siege was out too, so pulled that one in on my Kindle to save me the trip.

    Well done sir!

        1. It’s Larry’s best work. Everything he’s done is great, but I’m absolutely dying for the second Grimnoir trilogy. The little taste of that’s in Tokyo Raider is great for building anticipation. I think it isn’t on the radar until 2020, but I’m also going to be enjoying the stuff ahead of it, so I can be patient.

  8. Golly, Larry, aren’t you afraid of falling afoul the “Taylor Swift Rule” be declaring your personal great year without recognizing the trauma of Trump’s presidency?

  9. I think you missed Forged in Blood. Didn’t you have a story in that one? No matter. Thank you for many hours of entertainment in 2017.

  10. Thanks so much, Larry, for these updates – but more for all the fun I have reading your stories. I just read Noun X (this Christmas was a bit busier than usual), and giggled and snickered my way through it. I don’t know of any other author who can write comic/action adventure/satire/gun pr0n/plot/fun/looking forward to the next one fun like you do.

    Thanks, thanks, and thanks again, and may 2018 be another awesome year for you (and us)!

  11. Looking forward to the next Tom Stranger. The first one is hilarious!
    MHI Guardian sounds cool too. I hope Oliver Wyman narrates it (he’s great!) but because it’s a female lead I could see you switching to a woman to read this one.
    Lastly, I’m hoping we get back to Chad’s brother in Saints. It was hinted that he got mixed up with the wrong side of the supernatural crowd in the first book.

  12. Sheesh, sir, you make us four-books-a-year writers look like slackers. Please slow down!

    Just kidding. Congrats on getting so much accomplished, and I look forward to 2018’s releases. 🙂

  13. I like how so many are going out of their way to tell Larry they don’t feel like he owes them anything after what he said on FB. Viva el 13th Amendment!

  14. Thank you so very much for all of the hard work. You are at the top of my favorite author list and the fact that you have such an insanely strong work ethic means that I will be entertained for many years to come. Which is very important since I plan to retire next year.

    Awesome job Larry,

  15. Congratulations!!!!! Was at Wizard Con in New Orleans this past weekend and had so much fun speaking with artists who are MHI fans too!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  16. What’s the historic rough ballpark time between Alpha getting the rough and it getting to Audible?
    Really glad you are successfully juggling so many projects, but I agree with Carlos: more Grimnoir pls. Really interested in how Heavy Jake has aged…

  17. Larry,
    Hey, its Hawk the Mad Scientist from Dragon con. I’m trying to start out 2018 right by publishing a book. It’ll be my first, but I was hoping you’d check it out or add it to your – no doubt lengthy – reading list. The official publication date is February 1. “The Broken Man by Hawkings Austin”

  18. Late to the party, but I just wanted to say how excited I am for House of Assassins. I really liked Son of the Black Sword (I’ve always been more of an epic fantasy than urban fantasy person, although I still like MHI) and dug Tim Gerard Reynolds’ work on the audiobook. Keep up the good work.

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