MHI RPG Kickstarter: Only 3 days left!

We are in the final 3 days of the MHI RPG Kickstarter and closing in on our 100k stretch goal, which will be a deck of playing cards with MHI artwork.

The Savage Worlds system uses a deck of cards for determining initiative and a few other fun little things. Any old regular deck of cards will do, but it will be really cool to have an actual MHI themed deck. Hell, if you don’t play RPGs, you can get a deck for poker night!  🙂

The coloring book and challenge coin are both unlocked and available to order. All you need to do for an add on is adjust up the amount of your pledge for whatever items you want, and then after everything closes we will send out a Backerkit survey to you to specify what it is you wanted.

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9 thoughts on “MHI RPG Kickstarter: Only 3 days left!”

  1. Just to make a point of how much people are looking forward to this game, Pinnacle Games just concluded their own kickstarter for Flash Gordon, which finished at just under $110,000. For the MHI RPG kickstarter to be going on at the same time and to have a response equaling or possibly exceeding one done by the parent company is unheard of.

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