MHI RPG Kickstarter: By Popular Demand, We’ve Added an MHI Coloring Book

The fans have spoken!  Actually they saw the rough draft line art for the RPG on the Facebook page and everybody started telling us they’d buy a coloring book of that. So okay! We aim to please. (and never forget, Capitalism Makes You Ripped).

Here is the announcement from Alan at Gallant Knight Games:

1 Week Left! + Coloring Book Details!

With a week left to go, we’ve crossed $80,000, adding a Larry Correia penned adventure to the corebook!

Oh boy. So, now we’re staring down the barrel of the coloring book…Which means, we should probably give you details about this add-on!

We’re aiming to make this a prestige product, something that will feel nice and clean in your hands, with a high quality paper! It was a very popular request on the MHI Facebook group, and so, we’re aiming to please!

If you want the MHI coloring book (which will use art from the corebook and playing cards), you’ll need to increase your existing pledge by $25. If you are getting a pledge with physical items already (PUFF Level 2 and higher), you’ll not need to pay anything extra for shipping.

If you are getting a digital pledge (PUFF Level 1), you’ll have a shipping surcharge after the campaign in the BackerKit.

Simply click “Manage Pledge”, and increase your total pledge by $25 USD. You don’t need to change your pledge level. Just increase the amount.

This is a physical only product, no digital equivalent. We’re still locking down page count, but we’re aiming for a 30 to 40 page coloring book (tentatively). 

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