MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter Update, funded in 3 hours

The Kickstarter for the new MHI RPG went up yesterday morning. We were funded by lunch time. We unlocked our first stretch goal last night (adding in Bubba Shacklford’s original Professional Monster Killers from the 1890s).

In the first 24 hours we got to $34,000. That’s awesome.

To put this into perspective, the last MHI RPG back in 2012, we did $80,000 total in a month, and that was a big success (at the time that got us into the top 10 of RPGs ever on Kickstarter). Now, we’re almost halfway to that total at the beginning of day 2.

You guys rock.

The next stretch goal is adding in more art pieces to the book, and after that we’ll be adding in info for the 1980s era seen in the Monster Hunter Memoirs series.

For those of you who aren’t gamers, but just MHI fans, the book is going to be filled with fluffy information about the universe, character bios, backstory, history, and bits of original fiction. Plus lots and lots of new artwork.
For those of you who want to get into RPGs, this time we are using a system that is fast to learn, and easy to play. You’ll also need the Savage World’s basic rule book. You can find that online or on Amazon for like $10-$15, but I  recommend getting it directly from Pinnacle Entertainment because when you purchase the physical book they also throw in the PDFs, which are handy to have on your phone or iPad.

My favorite thing about Savage Worlds is that once you get the basic system down, then there are a ton of different settings out there you can use for it. Using these same rules I’ve played Deadlands (old west horror), Achtung Cthulhu (Cthuluh in WW2), and I home brewed a sci-fi game based on Infinity the war game. Once you get the basic mechanics down, it really is simple, and the whole stat block for any bad guy will fit on a 3×5 card.

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10 thoughts on “MHI Savage Worlds Kickstarter Update, funded in 3 hours”

  1. This is awesome. Any MHI art and stories is a must buy from me. I don’t really play RPG’s but have used the existing gamebook as a fantastic source for painting my miniatures. Bring it on!

  2. Hi Larry,

    How soon after the Kickstarter campaign for this is done do you anticipate at least the basic MHI RPG to be generally available? I would LOVE to support the Kickstarter for this, but there is no way I can stretch my budget to pay it before January at the earliest, most likely February. As with anything that you are involved with, this looks to be excellent! I will be purchasing the Savage Worlds Rule Books, both for player and GM, again probably January or February. I am REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on this and start running games!!

    1. You don’t need to buy separate rulebooks for players and GMs. All the rules for Savage Worlds fit into a single $10 book.

  3. Totally buying 50 experimental anti lycanthrope bullets to use as bennies; might even paint a colored band on a handful and use them in place of miniatures.

  4. Quick question here, is there any plans to make more high level pledges? I’m not specifically talking about making more 500 dollar pledges available (even though that would be cool too).

    I’m talking about other unique large pledges, you have the lower end covered, but it just goes from the 100s to 500 and then stops. I’m just wondering if we can get some 200, 300, or even 600, 700 dollar range pledges up.

  5. I just started a Savage Worlds campaign, in the Rifts universe. The mechanics of SW are a little hinky to me (dice + cards + bennies) but it seems to run fairly smoothly.

    (Also, aceing dice rolls can lead to some SPECTACULAR moments in a fight. My combat cyborg pounced on a Brodkil that was menacing my technowizard partner. Punched him in the head and shook him, then whipped out a vibroknife and rolled maximum damage on ALL the dice. Talk about carving up a turkey…)

    I’ll have to look into this. If my friends and I decide we like the system enough, perhaps an MHI campaign might be in order.

    Or maybe a crossover 🙂 MHI in Rifts? Would ANY self-respecting MHI hunter turn down Glitter Boy support? 😀

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