Humble Bundle including all of my Warmachine novels

There is a Humble Bumble going on right now from Warmachine, and it includes all of the stories I’ve written for the Iron Kingdoms universe.

Including my novellas and novels:
Instruments of War
Into the Storm
Into the Wild

And short stories in:
Excursions Season One
Called to Battle I

You don’t need to be familiar with the Iron Kingdoms universe to appreciate these either. I wrote them in a way that they would be approachable for anybody. Though with this Humble Bundle being so cheap, you can get pretty much the whole universe in one go. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Humble Bundle including all of my Warmachine novels”

  1. Heh. I noticed that by accident yesterday. Even though I already own and have read all of yours, I figured it was a good price to check out the other books. I don’t play the game, but based on your books it sounded like an interesting world, and maybe I’ll discover some new authors.

  2. Probably a long shot, especialy considering nda’s and companys, but any news on when or if we will see a continuation of the malcontents saga

    1. No idea. Those are kind of a labor of love, because their sales are tiny compared to my regular stuff. I squeeze them in when I can.

      1. yeah i figured its something like that. got to say though they are probably my favorite series of all of them you do.

        1. I agree. The final duel in book 2 is one of my favorite things I’ve ever read.

          Had to put the book down and take a minute just to fully appreciate its awesomeness.

          I always thought you could do some amazing Drake McBain shorts.

      2. This is probably mean-spirited of me, but by tiny do you mean hugo-award-winning levels of sales, or do they still sell larger quantities than that?

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