New Monster Hunter International RPG using Savage Worlds rules

Here is the official announcement:

This has been in the works for a while. I believe the Kickstarter will be launching next month. I’ll even be running a charity game of the new MHI RPG at HonorCon at the end of the month.

We did an MHI RPG a few years ago using Hero System rules. It did well, and we created a beautiful book, but the biggest downside of Hero System is that it is extremely crunchy and is one of the tougher RPGs to learn. Savage Worlds is designed to be easy to learn, fast to play, and fun. So my goal here is that more of my fans who aren’t regular gamers will be able to get into it.

And if you are not a gamer, this book is going to be filled with fluffy info about the MHI universe, the existing characters, and the monsters. Plus all new artwork.

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30 thoughts on “New Monster Hunter International RPG using Savage Worlds rules”

    1. I don’t know of any Savage Worlds setting that is not provided in digital. Physical tends to be the questionable format of the two. Obviously it’d be the decision of Gallant Knight Games, but given the history of offerings for SW, I think it’s safe to assume there will be PDFs as part of Kickstarter.

  1. I own the Hero System version. Will this edition come with additional background material based on the books that have released since the first version? Still planning on buying it since Savage Worlds is much more likely to hit the table.

  2. I’ve played Deadlands on and off for years!!!! I can’t wait for this… I’ll be looking for the kickstarter!

  3. Well, I *have* been looking for an excuse to add another system to my library…
    I’ve got about 12-13 systems or so but haven’t gotten any Savage Worlds stuff yet.

    Also, easy is good (says the guy with a huge stack of Palladium).

  4. For those of us who will read it more than play it, will there be new monsters / new data, or will it be pretty much the same data in a new game style?

      1. What’s the maximum range of a kicked gnome? By a human? By an Orc? By Franks? How many dice to roll?

  5. I will absolutely be backing this – Alan Bahr at Gallant Knight Games is one of my favorite people in the gaming business, glad you’re partnering with him.

  6. I will be backing this, but what I really want to know is when/if there will be an RPG version of Grimnoir? I’ve done some reasonable Grimnoir character mockups using Mutants and Masterminds rules, but I’d really really love to see an official Grimnoir setting RPG.

  7. Been waiting for this…I have every intention of throwing a bunch of cash at this! Wife might be a little unhappy, but this is one I’m going to knuckle-up and just deal with it for.

  8. Somewhat off topic, but if you haven’t read Larry’s Warmachine books, and want to check out the game your always seeing minis of. They and a bunch of other Warmachine related materials are available for low cost on Humblebundle, .
    Part of the proceeds go to charity (you can select from their list). Wasn’t sure if Larry knew about this particular offer since it was from the Warmachine publishers.

  9. But when is the Monster Hunter International Miniatures Skirmish Game being released?

    I want a 28 mm scale Skippy.

      1. “28 mm scale” means that a mini for the average 6’0″ man will be about 28mm tall. So a Franks mini would probably be around 32 mm in height, but still be 28 mm scale.

  10. OK, it’s six days into November. I’ve been checking EVERY DAY! WHERE IS IT?

    Just got the SW general rule book this weekend, played our first one shot adventure within an hour of opening the book, the system is great, easy to learn and highly customizable to whatever genre you like – I can totally see the MHI universe in this system. I will definitely be backing this!

    To folks more familiar with Kickstarter than I – how long from the time it opens do you generally have to wait for the pdf? My gaming group is very excited, I’ve been pimping the MHI books hard and they like the idea.

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