MHI Bullets Update, Now You Can Get LOADED CARTRIDGES

Jacob Wilcox at Rocky Mountain Reloading approached me a while ago about doing 9mm bullets for reloading purposes with the MHI logo on them. I agreed, but wanted my share of the proceeds on these to go to charity. So we picked the Houston Food Bank As of this morning I’ve sent the food bank $2142 so far, and the 9mm bullets are still selling.


The bullets are available here.

And I’m excited to announce because of popular demand, RMR teamed up with American Reserve Munitions to offer loaded cartridges with the MHI bullets ready to shoot. These are available now.


Jack Wylder designed the packaging. The 124 grain 9mm is our official anti-gnome ammunition. (just for kicks and giggles we will be adding other specific monsters in the future. Collect them all) 😀

If you’ve got any specific technical questions about the bullets or loaded ammo, you need to address them to the companies manufacturing them. I can’t really help you there.

There are plans for .45, but they are working on that now.

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32 thoughts on “MHI Bullets Update, Now You Can Get LOADED CARTRIDGES”

    1. 230gr round nose silver-core hollowpoint .45ACP effective against lycanthropes. It’d have to be small run, but having some .45 Auto effective against Bad Juju might be handy. And .308″ 168gr match would be on my Christmas list too.

  1. Silver 45 ACP for the novelty factor…I’d buy a few just for conversation pieces. The logo would be the perfect added touch.

      1. Spot price is something like $17 per troy ounce. Figure the core of one of those Pow’r Ball rounds made of silver would weigh in at about fifty to eighty grains. that gives you six to nine rounds per troy ounce, or up to $141 in silver per box of 50, or probably closer to $180 for everything per box of 50. It would have to be small run if it was available, just in order to be affordable, but it would sell.

        1. Excellent points! And imagine how much MHI would spend on ammo from a single basic load out of ammo per team. No wonder the PUFF Is so good! It better be, just to keep the team in beer and skittles.

  2. Just tried to order, no shipping method available? I’m still in California, but they haven’t banned mail order ammo yet (got till the end of the year).
    Is this a fluke? Or are they not shipping to California?

    1. Same here. No shipping method available.
      And unfortunately, their website is kind of meh. But perhaps that’s just the mobile version. Will try to place an order again using my desktop computer tomorrow.

  3. Every full moon a few people come up missing in my neck of the woods. One of my neighbors claims to have seen large, hairy, hideous creature crouching over the carcass of his dog last full moon. I’m thinking I really need silver bullets. Right now I’m using my old muzzleloader with .54 caliber fine silver round balls that I cast myself.

    Ever notice that werewolves never messed with the Lone Ranger?

  4. Put in an order for some ammo, you forgot to mention they are using the NAS3 cases for the ammo. That is a novelty selling point on it’s own.

    Think you can talk them into 10mm?

  5. I will be buying at least two boxes of 50 9mm for me and my brother. Cannot wait to see his face on Christmas Day.

  6. I’ve placed my order, and bookmarked the site. Now all I have to do is wait for them to start doing .45 as well.
    Plus say “Thank You” for everything you do for your fans.

  7. So, a technical question. How much silver does a bullet require to be effective on lycanthropes? Is a flash coating of silver enough or does it require the whole bullet need to be silver?

  8. $HOUSEMATE: They’re making MHI cartridges?!
    Orvan: Yes, so far just 9mm.
    $HOUSEMATE: Mehhhh.
    Orvan: BUT.. they’re expanding.
    $HOUSEMATE: Let me know when they make .40!

  9. So this is silly maybe but that box is so amazing and I suddenly wondered if you order the 500 quantity if they come packaged differently. (Yeah, I sent a note to the company, too.)

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