Forged In Blood, On Sale Now – I got to write samurai drama!

The new anthology Forged in Blood is out now.


This was a fun one to work on. All of the stories are set in Mike Williamson’s Freehold universe. The neat part is that the stories are in chronological order, and follow the main character’s sword from early Japanese history through modern times, out into space, into the regular Freehold timeline, and then beyond.

I have the 2nd story in the anthology, because love writing samurai drama. And since it is Freehold, I wrote about a surly old ronin who just wants to be left alone, but who then has an altercation with tax collectors. It is pretty darned good.

The first story was written by my friend Zach Hill, about my character’s ancestor. Zach passed away shortly after writing this story, so he never got to see this come out. It is excellent. Zach was an extremely talented author, and I would love to see lots of people exposed to his work. Here is a great chance.

The story after mine was written by Mike Massa, and jumps ahead to the early 1900s, Imperial Japan. So on and so forth, with the sword being the one continual element that unites the stories. The stories range from dead serious to light hearted.

Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Forged In Blood, On Sale Now – I got to write samurai drama!”

  1. Gah. Somehow missed out on pre-ordering the bundle. Had to go buy it from Baen. Noticed that my new phone doesn’t have my library on it, so I beat up the Baen servers to d’led the books I own from Larry, John Ringo, David Weber, Tom Kratman and Michael Z. Williamson.

    Better let the servers cool off now.

  2. Out of curiosity, do you know if there’s an audiobook planned? Not seeing one in Audible at the moment, but sometimes they take a few weeks

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