DRAGON AWARDS! Monster Hunter Grunge is a finalist. Anyone can vote!

The Dragon Award is coming up soon. The finalists were announced while I was on book tour. Any of you can go vote, and I’d encourage you to do so. The more fans participating, the better.


The process is simple, and it costs nothing. All you have to do is register at the link and pick whatever you think is the best stuff on the list. DragonCon is coming up fast, so there isn’t much time. Registration cuts off on August 28th.

Unlike certain other awards, the Dragon actively encourages authors to ask their fans to turn out. Much like the con that created it, the Dragon isn’t about snoot or pretension, it’s about fun. This is an award for fans and what they think is awesome.

I won the Dragon for best fantasy last year for Son of the Black Sword (the trophy is super bad ass by the way) so all during the nomination period I kept asking my fans not to nominate me, but to use their vote for somebody else, because having won once I figured it was best to share the love and make room for other authors to have a shot.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge still wound up as a finalist (which shouldn’t come as a surprise, because nobody can tell fans what to love, that’s like herding cats).

HOWEVER Grunge is a collaboration. All the credit for this book goes to John Ringo. Grunge was John’s idea. He wrote the rough draft before I ever even knew the project existed. This one isn’t about me. If you guys vote for Grunge, John takes home the trophy. Which would be excellent, because he’s a great author who has been entertaining people for a long time. Nobody in the business does contagious enthusiasm better than John Ringo, meaning that when he is excited writing it, the reader feels that, and gets excited reading it.

Besides, who cares what I said before? This is about you guys. The Dragon is the ultimate fan award. It isn’t about stroking a writer’s ego. It’s about what YOU think is great.

Congratulations to all the other nominees, I’ve got a ton of friends on there, and I wish them all the best of luck.

See you at DragonCon!

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16 thoughts on “DRAGON AWARDS! Monster Hunter Grunge is a finalist. Anyone can vote!”

  1. You’re a great guy, Larry, and really gracious, but why wouldn’t you both get a trophy if it’s a collaboration? Just curious. I figured when Grunge was nominated that both of you would take home a glass flame.

    1. I think they only make so many. These are really nice. I’m guessing they’re pretty expensive. 🙂 Besides, I’ve got one. I’m cool.

    1. That’s not completely accurate, depending on what you mean by “Hugo voting”.

      Nominations were down from last year. Final ballots were up from last year, but down from 2014 (slightly) and 2015 (a lot).

  2. But Larry, if anyone could vote, doesn’t that mean wrongfans might wantonly nominate poor, innocent authors against their wills and force them to receive Dragon nominations?

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