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  1. Typos kept popping out at me. I weep for the state of editing.

    But I DID read the article, so, hit count achieved.

  2. I read in the interview your concerns about how LDS are portrayed. Are you familiar with the Warp Marine Corps stories by CJ Carella? From the details and portrayal in some of his novels he is either LDS or has friends who are. In particular, “Decisively Engaged” has LDS characters integrated into the storyline.

  3. Umm, Larry my boyfriend just got a copy of Monster Hunter Siege today as a birthday present for himself. It’s sitting on the sofa right now. Is it supposed to be out in stores already? Because I thought it wasn’t coming out until next month…

    1. Some places stick them out early. It sucks when they don’t stick to the official release schedule because it splits your opening week numbers so you are less likely to make the bestseller lists, but I’m never going to make the NYT list again anyway so I don’t care much. 😀

      1. Ah, thank you. It made for a very happy birthday for him and since he’s already done with it he wants me to mention that it was very good. Now it’s my turn to start reading it.

  4. I’m an evil leftie atheist, so naturally my opinion may count as blasphemous, but still: I think that [i]South Park[/i] portrayed Mormons with a surprising degree of compassion.


    True, they spend most of the episode making fun of Mormon beliefs; but they string along the viewer all the way to the end, where they demonstrate that Stan is the real villain of this episode. If you, the viewer, bought into Stan’s careless bigotry, then you’re the villain just like he is. If you can only respect people whom you completely agree with, or if you focus solely on their ridiculous beliefs as opposed to their actions, then you’re in the wrong — no mater how righteous you might be feeling. I think it’s a good message.

    Contrast this with [i]South Park[/i]’s Scientology episode, where they are a lot less sympathetic to Scientologists, and with good reason.

      1. He has the capacity to think, and he’s honest about what he thinks, so it isn’t that unlikely.

        He may expect a strange and bizarre dissent from me. I have one, but purely in jest.

        Fiction must reflect that the future is Morman.

    1. My housemate isn’t leftie, but he is atheist, and one of the things that is currently pissing him off is the trend towards trying to remove all Christian mention, influence or values from society. He isn’t well liked in atheist circles, but since he has a tendency to smash through their arguments with irrefutable facts (such as, “what makes you think you’d survive Islam?”) the trend is to simply start cussing him out, or banning him. I feel rather bad for him because he has this expectation of reasoned argument (largely from how people start engaging), and the most he gets is SJW bullshittery when the other atheists lose the argument.

      Guess what I’m trying to say is, not all atheists are the same. He’s more the “I’m not religious and I don’t believe in that stuff, but as long as you’re not trying to make me believe, convert or have me participate in your religious practices, I don’t care if you’re religious.”

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