I’ve got an MHI story in Straight Outta Tombstone

The Straight Outta Tombstone anthology is now available for preorder and coming out in a couple of weeks. The editor is trying to get all of the authors to do a big push on Twitter. I avoid Twitter like the plague now, but my blog links show up there so I’m reposting this to help out.


I wrote a story set in the MHI universe, about Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers, and their first job in the western US in the late 1890s. It was a lot of fun. This is the first time I’ve ever written anything featuring the original founding members of Monster Hunter International.

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18 thoughts on “I’ve got an MHI story in Straight Outta Tombstone”

  1. how about having MHI chase down the Tombstone Pterodactyl? https://truewestmagazine.com/tombstones-flying-monster/ and this one…. https://truewestmagazine.com/tombstones-flying-monster/ there are more stories, just google Tombstone Pterodactyl. I swear there are places out here on the desert you could hide an entire flock of Pterodactyls in…

    Some of the photographs are thought provoking when you take into consideration they were taken way before photoshop raised it’s wicked head. Elaborate hoax? Who knows, it’s one of those things that make you wonder what’s still out there, lurking in the mountains…..

    1. Off-topic, but quite a bit of what Photoshop does is replicate the kind of things that could already be done in a darkroom.

      Stalin was having people completely removed from photos long before photoshop.

  2. Have you considered getting into gab.ai?

    Like twatter, but without the censorship. As long as you don’t advocate violence or unlawful acts, you can say what you please.

  3. It is a given if it has Larry Correia it is bought. BUT Is there a place where people go to discuss all of the Larry correia books online? Because I have so many questions like, What caliber is Jake Sullivans rifle for example!?!? And it is really hard to wait to read the next books in these series. So I get bored thinking on all the intricacies…

    1. Yes, yes it is. I .. can’t help but wonder where the rest of Julie’s genome comes from after reading it …

  4. It’s finally available for pre-order on Kindle. Just order it. Now awaiting to throw more money at you for Monster Hunter Siege.

  5. Did anyone else notice MHI got a Bob’s Burger’s call out? I don’t remember the episode, but the exterminator van in their version of the couch gag said “Mouse Hunters International” and had a mouse version of the monster smiley. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Larry Correia referenced as a piece of pop culture.

  6. Forged in Blood EARC is up, and Larry’s story is in the sample. Includes stories by Tom Kratman, Pete Grant, and Jason Cordova.

  7. Totally off-topic, but a quick reminder: According to the FAQ, nominations for the Dragon Award close at midnight TOMORROW, June 24, 2017, so if you want to nominate, you should do so now.

    1. Please disregard. My bad. The deadline is JULY 24, 2017, NOT June 24, 2017. I think I made the same mistake last year. Which means I probably submitted my noms a month early twice in a row. Please note that, as of now, the links to the rules just route you to the Dragoncon home page. Not sure if that has any meaning or not.

  8. I loved the story as I do all of the MHI stories. I was just thinking that it would be awesome to read the background on the Orcs and learn how Earl ended up with a tribe in his back yard. Also would love to hear stories about Skippy and Edward, individually or together, either pre-MHI or after. Oh just write it on a post card and I’ll give you money for it!!!

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