Source for Autographed/Personalized Copies of All My Books

If you would like to get copies of any of my books autographed and personalized, this is the easiest way other than catching me at an event.  I’ll be stopping at Uncle Hugos during my book tour in August. So if you want me to sign some books he’ll ship them to you.

However, make sure to get your order in early that way he can have enough copies in stock.

I've got an MHI story in Straight Outta Tombstone
BOOK BOMB! The Longest Con by Michaelbrent Collings

14 thoughts on “Source for Autographed/Personalized Copies of All My Books”

  1. Speaking of specialty books, any word on when the Leather-bound Grimnoir books will start coming out? I thought Hard Magic was supposed to be shipping right about now, but I haven’t heard anything.

    1. I don’t know the dates but I know they are working on them, because I’ve seen some of the new art coming from Vincent Chong.

    1. I was able to find some copies on amazon . Use ISBN-13: 978-0741444561 or ISBN-10: 0741444569 as a search. Good luck, I had to send one back and order from someone else because the first was beat up so much.

      1. Nuts. Maybe I can see my way to getting to the Tampa Con in August. That’d be pretty cool.

        Dinner’s on me if you get anywhere near the Baltimore/DC region. 🙂

  2. This is why you want to move to MN. Because of Uncle Hugo’s we always get Larry on his book tours. 😉

  3. Whoof! I’m glad to see the signing in Mpls is on August 4th. If it had been around the weekend of the 20th/21st I’d have given it a pass (heading down to see the total eclipse in Nebraska…never seen one before).

    I’ve been going to Uncle Hugo’s since they opened with the store just off Franklin Avenue. Their “new” location on Chicago Ave isn’t a whole lot more secure, but things are getting marginally better since the old Sears building was partially re-habbed, and the old railroad trench was turned into the bicycle “greenway”.

    I’ll see you there, Mr. Correia.

  4. May I insert an off-topic question? I’m old. I bought Cthulhu Virtual Pet and it did not come with instructions. Has anyone ever played this and if so can you tell me how to make him grow? He’s been an adorable baby octopus for a week. Can anyone tell me how to get him to grow into an eldritch monster, or refer me to a gaming forum where they won’t yell at an old lady for asking badic questions?

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