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Lack of blogging time, and various questions keep rolling into the comments about When is X? When is Y? So might as well do a quick update post.


Monster Hunter Siege comes out in August.

Monster Hunter Files anthology comes out in October.

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints – It is a 2018 date, Toni told me what she thought it was at the con this week, but now I’m drawing a blank.

Target Rich Environment (volume 1 of my collected short stories) – 2018. Don’t have a date yet.

There is a Target Rich Environment Volume 2 collected. Don’t know the date on that yet because I want to stick Tom Stranger 2 in there after the Audible exclusive period is up. That is dependent on when Audible publishes #2.

Tom Stranger 2: A Murder of Manatees – I’m about 90% done and should be turning it in soon. It’s hilarious. The plan is for Adam Baldwin to narrate again but scheduling is going to be dependent on when he can record it.

Monster Hunter Guardian, this is a collaboration with Sarah Hoyt, and it is a Julie Shackleford novel that takes place during and immediately after the events in Monster Hunter Siege.

The sequel to Son of the Black Sword is called House of Assassins. I’m working on it now. The one after that is called Destroyer of Worlds. The current plan is to write these two back to back. I plan to turn House of Assassins in later this year. No idea on release dates yet.

I have two upcoming collaboration projects that I’ve announced. A sci-fi novel with John Brown and a fantasy novel with Steve Diamond. I do not have planned release dates for those this early.

There is a second Grimnoir trilogy planned set in the 1950s. I have not started work on those yet.

Cons and Touring

I was at FyreCon this week. It was the first time they’d done it, and the idea was to have something like an advanced LTUE for people who are really trying to make it as a writer, so less panels and more lessons. The attendance was really sparse, but I hope they are able to grow it in the future.

I taught a four hour long class on World Building. I had a good turn out. I think it went really well actually. The con charged for the master classes. Some of the instructors kept the money and got paid (totally understandable) but I just did it for free because occasionally I like teaching for fun.  I spent 3 hours going over my methods of how I world build, and then we spent an hour using that method to put together a couple of stories.

My publisher, Toni Weiskopf, came out for this. So mostly I was there to serve as her chauffeur. She thought the Layton/Ogden side of Utah was pretty, not realizing that is our ugly side and we secretly keep the awesome stuff on the other side of the mountains, so Bridget and I gave her a tour.

We were also able to have a Baen author steak dinner. When I started I was Baen’s only guy in Utah. The other night there were seven of us. For a sparsely populated state we’ve got the most widely disproportionate number of authors anywhere. 🙂

This year I will be going to GenCon, DragonCon, Tampa Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, and HonorCon (and for HonorCon I just volunteered to GM an RPG for charity).

I’ll be doing a book tour around the country for the release of Siege. http://www.baen.com/pressrelease-larrycorreiatour2017

Author Dave Butler will be joining me for the events in Texas, plugging Witchy Eye. You guys will like him. Not only is he a good writer, he’s even taller than I am and has a mustache worthy of Tom Selleck.

Yard Moose Mountain 

This project is going to take a while. Last time we built a house, it was on a lot, on an actual street, with all those little things like water and power being conveniently right there. And even with all that stuff right at our fingertips, the process still took a long time. Building somewhere that’s got none of that? After you pay for a bunch of mandatory surveys, all you need to do is get one government entity to approve one part of the project, after you get another government entity to approve that, only that government entity needs a different government entity to stamp off first, and the first available meeting with them is in 3 weeks. Then all you have to do is repeat that process for 14 different things and then you’re good to go. Simple. 🙂

So anyways, going to be working on this project forever.


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36 thoughts on “Update Post”

  1. AS always, an inspiration to us slackers who can barely manage to put one word after another, though my excuse is the day job, but compared to you I’m a slacker. The house build sounds challenging, but if I could put a bet on, it would be on the favourite to win: Team Correia.

  2. Do what you have to do. You accomplish a lot and as a fan, I appreciate what I can get. Take your time and enjoy.

  3. Wish I’d known about FyreCon, would have been worth the drive to Utah to check it out. That’s my bad however, I’ve been out of touch with the SF&F cons of late, especially ones with good writer’s courses and the like. Need to change that.

    1. Larry makes three or four really nice references to Grunge in Siege that I noticed but they are standalone throw away comments so you won’t miss anything if you haven’t read Grunge (and Sinners)

    1. There are quite a few good eateries in Austin, and probably quite a few along Lamar. Threadgill’s is just up the street. I’ve never been there myself, but I, too, have that day off and may try it.

  4. Re Yard Moose Mountain, My wife’s an architect and acts as a prime consultant coordinating all the surveys, permits and site plan submissions for construction projects. Welcome to her world, I have lots of sympathy for you after listening to some of my wife’s horror stories.

  5. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Grunge and Sinners. I hadn’t done ‘monsters’ much before this. I did them as audio books on my commute and more times than I could count did I burst out laughing. I can’t remember when I had so much fun with a novel. My thanks to you and John Ringo for the entertainment. Can’t wait for the next one!!

  6. Regarding the permitting stuff, people who’ve not dealt with have no idea how idiotically time consuming it is. When we built our lake house it was in a new large acreage subdivision, but all that had was power and roads, so we had to put in pumps for water, a septic tank for sewage and a gas system for cooking and heat (as well as an emergency generator, which I strongly recommend for any isolated location). And of course because we were on a lake on one of the major rivers here in Texas we got to deal with the EPA. Talk about a useless organization. We used contractors who had been approved numerous times, for the exact same type of projects, on the exact same lake, but it was still by far the longest sign off, providing a one year delay alone and adding to the costs because of delays and financing. When people say we right of center folks exaggerate the regulatory burden, I always ask them to write me a check for $45,000 (what the EPA crap cost us) and then they ask, what benefit do I get? I reply the exact same benefit I and the rest of the world got from my ordeal.

  7. Get your book tour over to the Allentown/Reading/Philadelphia area! Freshly smoked pulled pork and backyard shooting await your visit. And sweet tea, because it’s my job to slowly convert everyone north of the Mason-Dixon into southerners. Or northerners with diabetic tendencies. I may not be part of MHI, but I at least come from the state they’re based out of!

    Speaking of which, you nailed the kudzu and red clay. I felt at home the moment I read that.

  8. Good news! Looking forward to seeing you in Texas! Look on the bright side of the Yard Moose project, by the time you get the approvals, everything will already be paid for! 😀

  9. Done, on my calendar, half price books August 3rd! A bunch of hippies work there, but they are really nice for the most part. 😉

  10. So, somehow my mind connected Monster Hunter Guardian to the Village Idiot, and now I have a terrible image of Damien Walter running around in poorly fitting body armor and an uzi screaming insanely at monsters…

    Maybe the traumatized-by-firing-an-AR15 and he should form a team. I’d pay for popcorn.

        1. And after today’s post I remembered who I was leaving out: Mike Glyer. He could be the vampire they’re hunting.

  11. Look for Larry’s new book: “Mr. Correia Builds His Dream House and Then Drives a Freaking Tank Through the EPA Lobby!” COMING SOON!

    1. I would definitely read it, but Larry probably won’t write it. I’m guessing he’s not a fan of men in black suits showing up on his doorstep, or even the possibility thereof.

  12. Good update. I think Siege is the one book I’m most looking forward to of all the books anywhere. House of Assassins is a close second.

  13. Two thoughts:
    1) You should come over to Denver sometime. Lots of cons.
    2) I was disappointed to find out that the ‘Monster Hunter World’ video game wasn’t based on your novels. Darnit!

  14. So sad that you aren’t going to make it to Oklahoma 🙁 Dallas is a 3 hour drive, and I would totally go, but finances do not allow, sadly. Maybe if I can talk my brother into it…

    1. I like Oklahmoma but they don’t send me there very often. This is the first time I’ve done Texas in like 3 years.

  15. Alright, MHI got my attention but Tom Stranger? Hilariously hilarious.
    TS2? Can I order it yesterday?

  16. I suspect you’ve told us before (and maybe I’ve read it), but when did Tom Stranger first come out? I’ve heard of him before I’ve heard of you, which makes no sense except that I don’t remember band names and authors until I buy a couple of their LPs or books.

    1. I wrote a short story with him on my blog clear back in 2012. It wasn’t until last year the big official audiobook came out.

  17. You’re doing DragonCon again? AWESOME! I got an autograph on my dead-tree copy of MHI last time you rolled in.

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