24 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Files (Anthology), Up for Preorder”

  1. Was that the winner of the contest for the name? I’m ordering it now, too. But, Files is a good name – although the last timeMHI files were let out , we had the whole New Zealand debacle…

    1. Ahhhh, this is a completely separate anthology, not a collection of Larry’s short stories! Well – ordered it also then, along with Siege. What a damn powerhouse of authors in this one! Good god, this’ll smoke the last few Maberry anthologies I’ve gotten! ????

      1. For whatever reason Baen’s kindle edition has always been slow to show up on Amazon until just before the release dates.

  2. Mr Corriea,
    I just wanted to send you a letter but there is no contact on your site, so I opted for a comment instead. No idea if you will read this…well, I think you will probably glance at it, anyway.
    My son, my only child, whom I love, Micah, went into the hospital to have an aftermarket kidney installed as the only one he was born with was only working at 10% efficiency. The doctors did a great job and he is home now as I write this (Week 2 after transplant), but I wanted you to know that your books as well as John Ringo’s were the thing that kept me company through the hours of being in his room while he slept and played on his iPad and I worried.
    It was a whole week of just watching him, making sure he left stitches and other medical attachments alone, I got to reread the Grimnoir Chronicles and Paladin of Shadows over again on my ipad. (I do read quickly.) I just want to thank you for giving me some escapism each day and most of the nights I was there.
    I have a lot of follow up visits to a hospital two hours away and audible versions of your books (and other Baen authors) to keep me company on the drive. I would say ‘Keep up the good work’, but you already do. I guess I just want to tell you that your books helped me through that time. (And John’s, but he already has a huge ego, so don’t tell him…)
    Looking forward to what life gives me next and what you continue to write…

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