Next BOOK BOMB, March 7th, Witchy Eye by Dave Butler

Mark your calendars, the next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb is on March 7th for Dave Butler’s Witchy Eye.

This Book Bomb is a little different because we will be Bombing it on release day, rather than a book which has been out for a while. So I’m hoping we can get a pretty good spike for Dave.

I read the rough draft and provided a blurb. This book is really good. It is one of the more interesting fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time. I’ll talk more about it on the BB day post, but it is an epic fantasy set in the early 1800s North America. There are a few other series that have tried a similar setting, but I think this one really nails it. I liked it a lot.

BOOK BOMB! Witchy Eye by Dave Butler
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6 thoughts on “Next BOOK BOMB, March 7th, Witchy Eye by Dave Butler”

  1. I read the eARC. It’s VERY good indeed and, I’m told, the first of a trilogy. I’m looking forward eagerly to the other books in the series.

  2. Oops. Ran into it at Banes and Nobles, and jumped the gun. 3/4 done and wishing I’d found it after the sequel was written. Or better yet ten sequels. Great characters, fascinating world, and best of all alternate history that makes you want to go read actual history.

  3. Got my book late last night, almost midnight mountain time. Congrats to Dave Butler! Looking forward to a fun read and will do a rate (5 star, who am I kidding) and actual typed review as well once I complete the reading.

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