Help Name My Short Fiction Collection

I need to come up with a name for my short fiction collection (which has now been divided into two volumes). I’ve got a few ideas, but nothing that I’m really in love with. Or more importantly, that Toni and the marketing staff are in love with. The problem with naming short fiction collections is you need something that works for a whole bunch of stories from different genres, from different worlds, and different themes. And most importantly it has to sound cool.

So you guys are smart, and you are also the target audience, so if you’ve got suggestions please post them in the comments here. If Toni picks one of them as the title we will say that we got it from you on the Thank You page, and then I’ll send you some autographed copies. This is a really informal contest, so the rules are we’ll pick what we like, and I reserve the right to say no thanks, those all suck, and then use something else (but hopefully that won’t be the case because you guys are friggin’ brilliant).

Here is the table of contents for the first one:

Tanya: Princess of the Elves

Dead Waits Dreaming

Sweothi City

The Bridge

Detroit Christmas

Murder on the Orient Elite

Father’s Day

Destiny of a Bullet

Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers

The Diary of Hannah Stone

The Losing Side

The Great Sea Beast

Force Multiplier

The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent


So go ahead and post your suggestions in the comments here. I’m sure other certain websites will also have helpful suggestions befitting me, like Not A Real Writer: Hatemonger Jerkface Bundles Some Trash.  Which come to think of it, is actually kind of a cool title.  😀


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422 thoughts on “Help Name My Short Fiction Collection”

  1. Correia: Volume One of The Official, Sanctioned, Authorized Decology of Totally Awesome Short Fiction of All Time, Space and Beyond

  2. I’m going with Larry’s Berries.

    I know it’s a controversial pick, but I feel like it’ll really fit in if you do a podcast advertising round.

    Or maybe:

    Leftover Parts: I Was Never Very Good With Directions

  3. ’13 in the mag, 1 in the pipe. A high capacity book of short stories.’ At the bottom put a small disclaimer that it may not be legal in California. or New York

  4. Very crude of me, I admit, but how about simply ‘Huntington’? Then it’d be referred to as Correia’s Huntington.

      1. This one isn’t a pun, and not really a Spoonerism. Not sure what you might call it, and the subject/treatment is more medical than chemical.

    1. “Dead men do tell tales” is already a book on forensic anthropology, written back last century.

      1. Unless it’s a particularly well-known book (I haven’t heard of it, for whatever that’s worth), that shouldn’t really be an issue.

        1. DDTT is a very well known book. You should give it a look. It could be retitled, “Your only hope in getting away with murder is if nobody cares enough to take a close look.”

  5. Gotta give it a throwback to TheHighRoad days…and to prove that good writing sticks around forever (in internet terms): “Monsters, Because You Suck and We Hate You.”

  6. Dead and Dreaming: Vol. 1
    Tales from the D List.
    The Adorable Murder Tank That Could and other stories.
    Bumps in the Dark.

  7. A Murder of Manatees
    Stranger & Stranger, Vol 1 (vol 2 is the Vol 1 cover, mirror reversed)
    Another Day, Another Dimension
    Lovers, Liches and Lead
    Not Your Father’s Mellon Baller : The Stories of Larry Correia
    Something To Read While You Wait For Damian Walter to Finish His Pile Of Fetid Carp
    Evil Looms (vol 1). Cowboy Up (vol 2). To be followed by Kill it (vol 3) and Get Paid (Vol 4), of course.

    1. “Evil Looms (vol 1). Cowboy Up (vol 2). To be followed by Kill it (vol 3) and Get Paid (Vol 4), of course.”

      I think this may be my favorite of the series suggestions. 🙂

      1. Oh My God and little pink bunny slippers. This set of names alone makes me want to throw money at Larry. Seriously, I’d buy it even if it was half stuffed with filler.

        If these books were for sale right now in dead tree form I would be currently throwing money at Larry.

      2. Those suggestions! I likey!

        Full Metal Magic (and a minotaur hide coat edition – er leatherbound…)
        The Dead Tree Collection
        Magic, Magazines and Mayhem: The Correia Collection Vol 1 (followed by Bullets, Blades and BOOMS)
        The Hangman’s Tales
        To Arms and Attack! An Anthology of Awesome Stories
        Tripwires, Trigger Fingers and Tales – Correia’s Collection Vol 1
        Rapid Fire Fiction from Larry Correia (Volume Two: Reload!)
        Not Even From My Cold Dead Hands – A Series of Short Stories
        Arms Against the Darkness – Stories by Larry Correia
        Guns, Giyon and Steel
        An Arsenal of Shorts
        The Correiakon
        Fully Automagic – Rapid Bursts of Fiction from Larry Correia
        Tales from the Pits of Hate and Darkness
        A Fistful of Worlds
        Guts and Glory – the Correia Collection
        Double Barrel Fiction / A Flash (of Fiction) in the Darkness (for 1 and 2)
        Sharp Steel, Holy Water and Silver Bullets
        You Shall Not Pass!
        Stranger Tales from Correia Country
        Supernatural Shorts from Correia Archives
        Big Tales from Yard Moose Mountain
        Like Fish in a Barrel – Fantasy Fiction from Larry Correia
        Tetsubo Tales
        A Pound of Flesh and Two Sugars
        Timesink With Teeth / Timesink And Teeth
        Myth-adventures and Stranger Lands
        Fully Loaded Fiction
        Let’s Ragnarok and Roll!
        Parental Advisory: May Cause Addition to Reading
        Correiaken Unleashed!
        Monsters and Mayhem LTD
        Have Weapons Will Travel / Have Spellbook
        Dragons, Dirigibles and Desert Eagles, Oh My!
        The Cursed Collection of Correia: Vol 1 & 2
        Unnatural Forces Unleashed / Supernatural Armed Forces

        The Wallet Black Hole

        (Okay I’m out of ideas.)

    1. I started typing out “Guns and Ghouls”, but then I decided to scan the rest of the comments… Boom, you beat me to it :-/

  8. Jason Donovan
    Manatee Dreams: Stories By Correia.
    Distilled Monstery Essence of an International Lord of Hate Volume 1
    Too Cool For Hugo : The Collected Short Works of Correia (insert Larry)
    Monstery Mayhem, Gratuitous Gunplay: Correia Shorts, Vol. 1
    Spewing Shorties: Correia Cranks Out Stories
    Force Multipliers: Leveling the Field With Monsters
    Monsters and Manatees: The Short Works of ***** Correia
    Monsters and Magic meets Bounties and Black-Ops
    For some reason was unable to login through FB, these are in the MHI group as well.

    1. Dang I have totally failed to capture the spirit of your average reader. Hrm.

      How about something more like: Bullets, Babes, Beasts, and Beatdowns: A collection of shot fiction that doesn’t suck.

  9. Well the audio collection should be: Larry Corriea’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1 by Audible Records. I can imagine the infomercial now…

    How about:
    Tales from the Corriea Universe
    The Corriea Anthology of Short Fiction
    Corriea’s Universe: A Collection of Larry Corriea’s short fiction including tales from the best selling Monster Hunter series

      1. It’s a WordPress thing that Jack hasn’t been able to chase down completely. Fortunately, it just LOOKS like you are logged in as the ILoH; you can’t actually DO anything.

      1. *stupids on purpose*


        Hankuk? Hancock? Hankook?

        That sounds like a good name. Handcock, followed by Handcocked, and further extensions.


        It’s okay, he will get it.

  10. Personally, I favor Quick Shots: A Mixed Magazine of Fantasy Shorts

    You could also borrow one of the titles that Jim Butcher didn’t use: Semi-Auto Magic

  11. The Glory of Firearms,
    or: Armed in the Darkness
    Something that fits with fear, horror, and lots of things that go BOOM.

  12. Trigger Warnings
    Hoon time, Wendell sings the classics.
    Yard Moose Mountain Ale, made from the purest liberal tears.
    Yard Moose Mountain Ale, made from melted liberal snowflakes.
    Tales from the Hoon side, stories not meant for liberal consumption.
    Don’t poke the sleeping….never mind.
    Hold the pig Steady
    Things that make SJWs cry!
    Not a sad puppy
    Emergency pants
    Ninjas need love too.
    The Mechanic, Cookie Monster’s (or Wendell’s) descent into madness.
    It may not be art, but it makes money.
    Inappropriate but entertaining
    Not in polite company.
    Having wrong fun Vol 1 & 2
    Is that a penguin in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
    How to make liberals cry for fun and profit.

  13. The Short Fiction Arsenal by Larry Correia
    Correia’s Armory, a Collection of Short Stories by Larry Correia
    Larry’s Gunlocker, Hard to find Tales from Larry Correia

  14. My original suggestion still stands: Blood-Bath and Beyond

    But some of these other suggestions are pretty good too.

  15. Come to think of it, your joke about The Correia Collection actually doesn’t sound half bad in combination with my previous suggestion.
    “Trigger Warnings: The Correia Collection”

  16. – Truncated Soapbox
    – Knuckle Punches
    – Kidney Punches
    – Don’t Buy This Book!
    – Machine Gun Wisdom
    – Stories for Snowflakes
    – Everybody Fight!
    – Locked and Loaded
    – Blood like Ice: Stories for the Fearless
    – Alternate Dimensions
    – Stories for George R.R. Martin
    – 14 Dimensions
    – Swords, Steam and Machine Guns

  17. Your universes have a variety of genres and story types. The only unifying factor (excepting Son of the Black Sword) is the prevalence and even reverence of a good firearm.

    So, naturally, I recommend you include guns in the title.

    For example:

    21 Guns (works better if there are exactly 21 short stories in the collection).

    The Firing Range

    High-caliber stories

    Scorch Marks

    A Hello to Arms

    Save the Manatees: a Collection of Eco-conscious Stories from Responsible Writers

    If I think of any more, I’ll let you know.

  18. Here are a few from off the top of my head:
    -College Tuition & New Home (could be separated and each be the name of a volume as well)
    -Need More Guns and Minis
    -Nebulas Are Just Gas and Dust
    -Wrong Fun and Trigger Warnings
    -Musings From Yard Moose Mountain
    -Thank You For The *
    -Magic and Explosions
    -Monsters and Explosions
    -Stories I Wrote While Waiting for the Next Game
    -Kids Are Expensive

  19. Stories from Yard Moose Mountain,
    The Correia Files
    Stories From Alternate Nows
    Taming the Monster Under Your Bed: The Short Fiction of Larry Correia
    Trailer Park Elves and Hidden Monsters: The Short Fiction of Larry Correia
    A Step Into the Dark: Tales of Monsters and Heros

  20. I suggested these on FB on Friday because I don’t follow instructions well. So here they are again!

    Hold the Pig Steady: Vol. 1, Hold the Pig Steady: Vol. 2
    Shrapnel 1, Shrapnel 2

  21. Correia’s Short Story Blasts: First Barrel (Vol 1)
    Correia’s Short Story Blasts: Second Barrel (Vol 2)

    Best I could come up with….

  22. Sadly, “Musing from the Desk of the International Lord of Hate” probably wouldn’t market all that well. But it would definitely make an awesome title for a custom leather bound edition.

  23. Miniatures
    Paying For My Miniatures
    Shots At The Water Line
    Supporting My Ammo Habit
    Correia Goes Short
    Functional Storytelling
    The Correia Briefs (brief narratives, get it?)
    Tales From Moose Mountain

  24. Correian Conflict
    Release the Correiaken
    An Anthology in Search of a Title
    Monsters, Magicians, and Insurance Adjusters

  25. Corriean Barbeque: Savory Shorts by Larry Correia

    Correian Hemorhagic Fever: The Bloody Good Short Works of Larry Correia


    Nothing solve world crisis (or local pest problem) better then gunpowder and magic. Or huge piece of sharp steel. Or some homemade explosives. Well, lets be honest, in right hands even duster can stop apocalypse. And when these hands are guided by Larry Correia, you can bet that this action would be epic.

    Welcome in world of monsters and their Hunters, magicians and zeppelins, coldblooded mercenaries and extraordinary thieves a much, much more.
    Welcome in world created by Larry Correia.

    (And sorry about all typos, 1:00 A.M. here 😉 )

  27. Them’s Fighting Words 1 & 2
    Force Multiplier 1 & 2: Short fiction from Larry Correia
    Coup-de-main (1) and Coup-de-grace (2)

  28. Korean Journal of Literature
    Proceedings of the International Society of Korean Hatred
    International Hatred Letters
    Hate Wins
    The Hate That Came From Yard Moose Mountain
    Hate Stories
    Hate Tales, Tales of Hate
    Korea Book
    Story Korea

  29. Monster Writings: Collected Short Fiction of Larry Correia
    Fire at Will: Collected Short Fiction of Larry Correia
    Force Multipier and Other Stories
    Strange and Stranger: Collected Short Fiction of Larry Correia
    Not a Real Writer
    Release the Correian
    Locked and Loaded: Collected Short Fiction of Larry Correia

  30. Hatey McHaterface’s Hatingest Hateful Hate Speeches

    Larry Correia’s Guaranteed 100% SJW-Free Adventures

    Seriously, though… I haven’t read all of these yet (I know, I know) which makes it harder, but:

    Monsters, Magic, and Guns: Short Stories by Larry Correia

  31. Release the Correiaken!

    Actually, I really like Not A Real Writer: Hatemonger Jerkface Bundles Some Trash.

    You could always threaten to call it Brief Cases to urge Jim Butcher and his publisher to get that second Dresden anthology out quicker. (Sort of like the people who name their kid the name that their sister had always planned to name her kid.)

    1. … or in similar vein, Semi-Automagic (to prove that Baen is a far cooler publisher than Roc, who changed Jim B’s first book title from that to Storm Front).

      1. Did they change it or did he change it? I thought it was because they decided pun titles weren’t the theme to go with.

        It is a good title, though. Hasn’t someone used it by now?

  32. It could be called Correia Shorts. Follow-up like Planet of the Apes could be Beneath the Correia Shorts, Escape from the Correia Shorts and so forth. Add a few other authors into the mix and call it Correia Shorts Gets Windy or Correia Shorts gets Friends

  33. “We Can Read it for You Wholesale” or “To Sleep, Perchance to Scream”

    I thought of the Shakespeare one first, but a quick search revealed it has been used in TV and music, so I’m not sure of copyright issues. I like the second due to the homage paid to another famous short story.

        1. Fred Schwed wanted to name his masterpiece on the stock market THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, on the grounds it had proven sales appeal.

          Instead, the publisher went with WHERE ARE THE CUSTOMER’S YACHTS?

          A book that is not only screamingly funny, but contains a lot of good advice on investing, btw.

  34. Larry Correia Presents…Larry Correia

    Holsteins, Shovels, and Guns…

    Tales from Earth872RoundhouseKick

    Wheel of Morality; Turn, Turn Turn…Tell us the Lesson that we Should Learn…

    The Grylls Survivability Index
    The Collected Short Works of Larry Correia

    Read this Shit! It is Gold!

  35. Bullets to Wizards an anthology by Larry Correia or it could be Monsters, Mayhem, and Combat: survival guide of the Strange. By Larry Correia

    1. I figured When in Doubt , Kill it with Fire , would cover all the subjects of the short stories used in the book. or I don’t know if it has been used but maybe simply the MHI motto of Flexible Minds could cover all those short story subjects also.

  36. Names?

    I’ve always been partial to “Dirk” or “Sonya”.

    What do you mean, “That’s not what he means!”?

  37. Action! (large lurid font, italicised, like from Grimnoir covers)
    Short Tales by Larry Correa (medium-small font)
    Take One (medium-large font)

    Second volume to be Take Two, of course. Lends itself to future volumes. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

  38. Misadventures with Monsters: a collection of short stories featuring Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers

    The Holy Book of Correia

    The Unholy Book of Correia

    Dragons, Elves, and Orcs, oh my!

  39. CPA
    Correia’s Paperback Anthology
    Correia’s Published Anthology
    Correia’s Published Assortment
    Correia’s Pulp Anthology
    Correia’s Pulp Adventures
    Correia’s gets Paid Again.
    Correia’s Presents Anthology
    Correia’s Prettygood Assortment
    Correia’s Potpourri of Adventure
    Correia’s Potpourri of Action

  40. Short Tales from a neo-colonialist, patriarchal, misogynist, hetero-normative, white-latino, D list, hack, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, breeder, shitlord.

    If I missed anything, please append. (I kid of course)

    Unapologeticly Pulp – Amazing tales from Larry Correia
    My readers can beat up your readers – short fiction from Larry Correia
    50 Shades of Correia

    1. I’m thinking of the literary meaning of omnibus and a word play on it.
      How about “Omnibus to the Bad Side of Town”?
      It’ll take you on a wild ride.

  41. Sic Transa Gloria Monstra
    The Glory of Monsters is Fleeting
    There is No Such Thing as Overkill…

  42. A Blaze of Gory Glory: Myths by Larry Correia
    Legends from the mystic realm, plus a Manatee
    Monstrous side effects
    Of Manatee and Fantasy

  43. Dispatches From Yard Moose Mountain (there have been a lot of versions of this title but I don’t think anyone’s used ‘Dispatches’ yet)

  44. Some of these are nothing but AWSOME. Throwing my hat into the ring with,

    “The Misadventures of Manatees”
    “Do Manatees Dream of Electric Sheep?”
    “When Accountants Go Bad”
    “Of Manatees and Monsters”
    “When Universes Collide and Other Horrific Insurance Claims”
    “Something Wicked Comes This Way and Gets Blown to Hell”
    “When Things Go Horribly Wrong”

    I’m still thinking….

  45. Here’s the name!
    Skirmishes and Sorties by Larry Correia
    Monster Hunter: Skirmishes and sorties

  46. Not sure how likely this is to be read at around 350 replies already but I’ll take a stab at this:

    ‘Strange Tales for Insane Times’

    The sequel(s) could easily be written in a similar vein:

    ‘More Strange Tales for Insane Times’ or ‘Stranger Tales for Insane Times’ (I’d save that one for a Tom Stranger compilation book though).

    Best of all it lends itself to Jeff Conundrum using it as an insult to Tom Stranger in a Deadpool-esque level fourth wall break!

  47. Either Adaptive Force Package or Tailored Force Package. It was jargon then and good jargon is hard to beat.

  48. Interesting suggestions so far, I would personally throw my money at Larry regardless of what the title is, but I imagine Toni and her marketing minions are probably looking for a Title that will grab those uninitiated in Correia Lore. Most of the suggestions are “inside jokes” , how about we try coming up with titles that might interest those poor, forlorn lost souls out there and make them into true acolytes of the ILOH

  49. Safeties Off
    The Good, The Bad, and the Stranger
    One in the Chamber
    Service With A Smile
    Good Ol’ Beasts

  50. Corriea Kills the Classics, literary misfires
    Concealed Carry; short stories that no one has to know you read.
    Things that go pew, pop, and boom.

  51. I don’t have any particularly great ideas myself, but out of all the ones that have been suggested so far, my favorite have been:

    Not A Real Anthology
    No Accounting For Taste
    and Hold The Pig Steady

  52. Magic, Mercenaries and Monsters: A Manatee’s Guide to Quality Short Fiction*

    *Not sanctioned by the SJW of America

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