Putting Together a Collection of My Short Fiction

Baen is going to release a collection of my short fiction. The Correia Collection (don’t worry, that’s not going to be the real title) is going to include a bunch of the short stories I’ve written over the years and some new stuff. I’ve published thirty something short stories, and a lot of those were published in anthologies that many of my regular readers didn’t ever see.

Since I sent Monster Hunter Siege off to Reader Force Alpha yesterday, my current project is to put together which short stories I want to include. I’ve got some awesome ones that I’m really proud of.  I’ve got a few that are super bad ass, and it kills me that most of you haven’t had a chance to read them.

I started putting together the list today, but I’ve written way too many to fit them all into one book.

So throwing this out there to the fans here (and I’ll do the same thing on Facebook) which of my stories would you really like to see reprinted in the collection? 



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61 thoughts on “Putting Together a Collection of My Short Fiction”

  1. Tokyo Express and Sweothi City are my favorites. I know Sweothi City is available here, too, but it would still be nice to have it in dead tree format.

  2. At least include anything that’s only been available in Audible. I and my fellow hearing-challenged fans will appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. First and foremost, any and all short works connected with MHI or Grimnoir should be included. I would even suggest including the Halloween Public Announcement segment from a few years ago (tho it might need a little tweaking for publication). Would reprinting “Weaponized Hell” be a problem, since its a crossover with another (non-Baen) property? If not, definitely include it.

    Beyond that, I must confess to being ignorant of your non-MHI, Grimnoir & SotBS work, so I look forward to being enlightened.

  4. ” The Correia Collection (don’t worry, that’s not going to be the real title)”

    I like it, you should go with it.

        1. The cover should depict a firefight with monsters in a big box home decor store. Larry should be in there with a shopping cart full of weapons.

  5. From a “get paid” standpoint, I would suggest having the collection consist of a majority of Monster Hunter universe stories so the book could be honestly marketed under the Monster Hunter banner.

  6. Answer seems obvious to me- put in what you can’t leave out this time… and *write more short stories* so you can put together another anthology in a few years or so. Make money now, or make money later? Embrace the power of “and.”

    1. I was going to say, “Too many for one? Go for two! Not enough for two? Welp, guess it’s time to fix that. :V”

      Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger bookshelf…

  7. I’d say any/all of the MHI and Grim Noir (Orient Elite For SURE) of course, but very much would like to see the Kaiju and others that I may have missed.

    I even bought the Kaiju short story book you did, still haven’t read much of it. Quite a bit darker than I expected with the other stories.

  8. I agree that any/all MHI and Grimnoire stories (especially Tanya, Princess of the Elves) need to be in there. I’m not so sure about the Christmas Noun stories, though. I think they deserve their own book.

    Thanks for doing this. I love being able to give you my money!

  9. It would help if I knew the titles to all of your shorts. I would say any that have been published in anthologies. Any thing that hasnt been released at all.

  10. I do not do Audio books so I would very much like to see a print/ebook version of “Murder on the Orient Elite: A Tale of the Grimnoir Chronicles”.

    Now to go and beg Toni for as many volumes as it takes to publish your Short Fiction to date.

    1. This is from Toni Weisskopf Publisher of Baen in answerer to the above beg:

      Your wish is my command (and also my wish, too): first collection will be sometime in 2018, the second 6-9 months later, probably. Note we’re already scheduling the second half of 2018, though.


      Note she said sometime in 2018.

  11. I’d say the two Grimnoir shorts (oh wait, three, since there was that Christmas story too) and the Tanya story. So yeah, I guess I’d agree with those who’ve already said anything in the MHI or Grimnoir ‘verses. It’d be cool to see the Warmachine stories too, if possible.

    1. The 3 Grimnoir short story is also going to be included in the super duper expensive limited edition. I’ve paid for it and now just eagerly await for them to show up on my grubby hands.

  12. Nice idea on the short stories. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of the snippets from the RPG Rulebook, or the Halloween Documentary.

    Incidentally, can anyone join Reader Force Alpha? Heard you mention it a few times and wasn’t sure if you were talking about a fan group or not.

    1. There is a fan group on FB: Monster Hunter International – Hunters Unite.

      Reader Force Alpha is an elite group of folks who get first crack at Larry’s novels to check for various forms of error. You don’t ask to join RFA, you get asked…

    2. Hundreds of people have asked to join. It don’t work that way. I use people I trust, or because they’ve got a particular area of expertise and I need them to fact check the book.

  13. Why not publish all of them in a multi-volume set? Your fans will buy them and you can go on vacation and think about writing more. Rinse, dry, repeat…

  14. I know you said that you’re never, ever going to publish that techno-thriller you wrote in college, but how about putting a sample chapter in the collection? Even if it really is as terrible as you say it is, it would at least be interesting to see how you started out, like reading that story H. P. Lovecraft wrote when he was seven.

    1. He has–however, said editor is a manatee (kin to Wendell), whose sole job is to ensure that all gun brands have equal representation.

    1. Writer’s block is just an excuse we use for us feeling lazy or uninspired. Go to the Best Of Tab. look at the Ask Correia’s. I’ve got a couple articles about idea management and time management. Hope they help.

    2. It happens. If you know a scene further down the road, write that and come back to your stuck point later. Or get up and do something. Movement can shake the brain loose. I know someone that gets unstuck in the shower. Another does their best thinking in a rocking chair. The best thing is to not stress out about it or it’ll just get worse.

  15. I would like to know if there are some short stories about the time monster hunting was outlawed. What happened? Did Franks have to go on overtime? Were there “underground” companies keeping municipalities safe? Just curious.

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