Cold Shadows–Spy Thriller RPG–on Kickstarter

I’m plugging this Kickstarter

One of the first RPGs I played as a kid was Top Secret, so I’ve always had a fondness for spy games. Top Secret was really clunky, only we didn’t know any better, and since we were kids we kind of just made up the rules as we went along.

The lead designer of Cold Shadows is a member of Writer Nerd Game Night. Alan been telling me about this idea for a long time. I’m looking forward to it. I recently rewatched every season of Burn Notice in preparation. (well, no, actually, I just really like Burn Notice)

They funded and broke a ton of stretch goals in their first day, so they are off to a great start.


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13 thoughts on “Cold Shadows–Spy Thriller RPG–on Kickstarter”

  1. Thanks Larry, I’m always looking for fun new games to play with the family. Just made the pledge for the deluxe. I’m such a spy fan this is right up my alley. I’m reading Alliance of Shadows right now and can’t get enough of Lorenzo. Thanks for all the Kickstarters you tell us about.

  2. Top Secret. SECOND RPG I ever bought. After the “White Box” Dungeons and Dragons set, when they were still 8 1/2 x 5 stapled books. . .

  3. Hey Larry, question in regards to Burn Notice:
    What’s your feelings on the later seasons? Feels like it loses a lot of focus after Season4-5. Thoughts?

    1. Once Michael goes back to work for the CIA it gets a lot darker and it loses that fun episode of the week getting somebody out of trouble vibe.

  4. We need a Burn Notice thread. Till Jesse showed up it was one of the best shows ever. I always thought of Michael as a young Robert McCall from the original Equalizer series.

    1. This line from inside the drug dealers club is my favorite TV scene eva! “… if you don’t do what I want, I will rain Hell down upon you until one of us is dead and I’m really, really good at raining down Hell. “

    2. Jesse wasn’t what messed up the show though. He was fine. The difference was when they got away from the fun helping out missions to the darker getting back with the CIA, everybody is betraying everyone, and Michael sinks into darkness seasons.

      1. And need I point out, more Michael meant less of the real star of the show, Sam Axe. Everyone else was just window dressing to fill in til his next appearance… ;-D

  5. Hm….looks nice but spy PnP are not really my thing.. I am not really a fan of the subtle approach. I would be more the kind for an MHI Rulebook.

    God…i should not have thought that. Now i really really want one.

  6. Might I point out that “making up the rules as you go along” is entirely in keeping with espionage, & therefore Top Secret was keeping you in the true spirit of the game? Just sayin’… 🙂

  7. Yeah Top Secret was not the best designed game but it’s box cover is one of the best covers in RPG history. My God what a beautiful composition. Of course the Beretta has a lot to do with that.

    Weirdly, one of the next best covers is also a spy game. Flying Buffalos Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes cover knocks the cover off the ball.

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