Special Limited Edition, Leather Bound Grimnoir Chronicles from Vault Books

Now these are really nice.


These are going to be extremely fancy, high quality, leather, collector editions. And the numbers are very limited, so if you want one don’t wait around.


They are using the French cover art (that Hard Magic cover is still my favorite cover I’ve ever had) PLUS the same artist, Vincent Chong, is doing three new full color pieces for each book (He is a fan of the series). For the really fancy super limited hand lettered few, there will be a 4th piece of artwork.

The three Grimnoir short stories that I’ve written will be included, one with each novel. There is also an interview with me and a new forward.

Vault is a relatively new company that specializes in really high end, collector editions. They’re also huge Grimnoir fans so are doing everything they can to make this as high quality as possible.

From the Vault page:
The Grimnoir Chronicles will be published in three separate volumes; Hard Magic, Spellbound, and Warbound. Each of the novels will have the following in common:

  • A new Author’s Foreword
  • An in-depth interview with author, Larry Correia
  • Cover by Vincent Chong
  • Three full-color, interior illustrations by Vincent Chong, per novel
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Unique foil stamped design on front board and spine
  • Leatherbound
  • Smyth sewn binding for durability
  • Each novel will contain one of the three short stories set in the Grimnoir universe, making this definitive three-book set. These short-stories are the following:
    • Detroit Christmas
    • Tokyo Raider
    • Murder on the Orient Elite
I wrote a story for the Joe Ledger: Unstoppable anthology
Straight Outta Tombstone - Including an original MHI Bubba Shackleford story

18 thoughts on “Special Limited Edition, Leather Bound Grimnoir Chronicles from Vault Books”

  1. Since I hadn’t realized your limited edition MHI books would be so popular I missed out on that boat. Not making that mistake this time.

  2. So, did John Moses Browning build that Minigun 30 years early, or did a Cog Dr. Richard J. Gatling build it 100 years early?

    Actually, why didn’t Jake Sullivan have a Minigun that was designed 100 years early by a Cog Dr. Richard J. Gatling, and improved by John Moses Browning? That would have been awesome!

  3. Nice. Let me know when they decide to do these for Son of the Black Sword. If there’s anything of yours that I would want super-spiffy, that would be it.

  4. Only 4 Lettered Edition Bundles left right now… they’re probably going to sell out before I can talk myself into $695…

  5. Darn it, Larry! I’m trying to buy enough ammo to tune up my marksmanship to expert. This won’t help the ammo budget at all…

  6. I hope one day someone puts out a nice hardcover of the full trilogy in one set. Or even a nice trade paperback of it. And I agree that the French covers are better.

  7. Insta-bought. The only reason I didn’t buy hardbacks of Spellbound and Warbound was because I wanted a matching set. Now, problem solved. 🙂

  8. Damn, they almost cost as much as engineering books. Might be more useful than SOME of my required texts.

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