Straight Out of Tombstone

I am in this anthology of “weird west” stories, and it is a Monster Hunter story. Not only is it an MHI story, but it is chronologically the first MHI story. I finally got to write about Bubba Shackleford and the original Professional Monster Killers.



It is available for pre order now, and has got a great line up.

Forward                                                         David Boop
Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers                Larry Correia
Trouble in an Hourglass                                         Jody Lynn Nye
The Buffalo Hunters                                             Sam Knight
The Sixth World                                                 Robert E. Vardeman
Easy Money                                                      Phil Foglio
The Wicked Wild                                                 Nicole Kurtz
Chance Corrigan and the Lord of the Underworld                  Michael A. Stackpole
The Greatest Guns in the Galaxy                                 Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Ken Scholes
Dance of Bones                                                  Maurice Broaddus
Dry Gulch Dragon                                                Sarah A. Hoyt
The Treefold Problem                                            Alan Dean Foster
Fountains of Blood                                              David Lee Summers
High Midnight                                                   Kevin J. Anderson
Coyote                                                          Naomi Brett Rourke
The Key                                                         Peter J. Wacks
Fistful of Warlocks                                             Jim Butcher

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Updates, Christmas Noun tomorrow
Run Forrest Run!

24 thoughts on “Straight Out of Tombstone”

  1. What, no link to the pre order? Making me take an extra step to give you money? Where is the real Larry the C and what have you done with him?

    1. Clicketh yon imagery in the aboveness, and marvel at the Zon of Ama’s offer to let you order such a tome of wonder fully eight mo.. EIGHT MONTHS? OK, someone track down MHI’s pet Internet Troll, he’s gotta fix this. (Or it’s one of his gags, and thus he’s gotta FIX this.)

    1. It’s published by Baen, so it’s unsurprising that they gave top billing to one of their top authors. But then again, being unsurprising doesn’t mean it’s undeserved…

    1. Well, it would have to be a generic weird west, rather than Deadlands, since Deadlands is an actual IP owned by Pinnacle and licensed to a different publishing house. 🙂

  2. The origin story of MHI? Count me in on that. Not to mention some of the other big names out there. Thanks for the heads-up. Looking forward to it!

  3. Nice.

    Silly question – one of the other series I collect publishes some short stories as novellas and e-books, and later prints them as a collection.

    Any chance we’ll see the Monster Hunter short stories like this one as separate novellas? Not saying I won’t buy this book, but I’d like the stories to add into the series on my bookshelf.

    1. I’d like to see all the MHI shorter works collected in a single volume (including the “news interview” transcript from a few years back). I assume at some point that will happen, its just a matter of when theres enough material to justify such a release (though if you throw in the Grimnoir novellas to date, its probably there already).

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant.

    Also, if Fistful of Warlocks is a Dresden Files story, I expect that Harry and his duster and .45 will cop so much teasing given that everyone’s made the snark that he looks like he walked off the set of El Dorado…

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