20 thoughts on “Update: Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners WORKING LINK FOR THE KINDLE!”

  1. I ended up picking up a hardback from a local book store instead. But I might pick up the kindle version and donate the dead tree version to a local library.

  2. If you don’t know it’s all good, but is there going to be the option to add on the Audible narration at some point? Right now I don’t see it available.

    1. It looks like right now the Kindle is not coded as being a different version of the same book as the other formats but a different book entirely. I suspect Amazon/Audible will correct that at some point, and then it’ll probably give you the narration hookup/discount.

  3. Mother of God, what is that thing on the cover? It looks like a naked mole rat took too many steroids and washed it all down with miracle-gro!

      1. Haha, that’s pretty much always how it is with Monster Hunter covers. “Wait, does Franks have an MHI tattoo? WTF?!” “It makes sense in the context of the story.”

      2. Just about anything horrible makes sense in the context of a MHI story. Still, to paraphrase Arnie in Predator, that is one ugly mother…. yeah.

  4. For my favorite authors, I buy a book three times.

    Once in hardback, for the house library.

    Once electronic, so I have it available anywhere, and for re-reading.

    And Audible, because the the kids think slaying Monsters are awesome during the long commutes and don’t beat on each other in the back seat if Owen Zastava Pitt is slaying %^$&ing bodies.

  5. Bought for the 2nd time (already had the eARC) and did a review that would be “Verified”. the frak’n idiot that left the 1 star review about the “No kindle thing” I did mention in my review as well. Dang it that made me angry.

    I bought it from the link on your MHI page as well to make sure you get just a little more in the tip jar since we all gotta make sure that Larry and John GET PAID. I do seriously mean that.

    Really enjoyed the first two in this series, I think i’ll go back and hit the audio again on grunge then catch Sinners. Thats the only part I don’t have yet of this series.

    1. Larry’s stuff translates beautifully to audio, and he always ends up with great readers. With the way it flows, John’s stuff seems like it was written to be read aloud. When you add in a reader of Oliver’s calibre the results are exceptional.

  6. I discovered your novels through audible and love them, and Oliver Wyman’s voicing of your characters. I was a voracious reader but a 5 commuter drive + an infant aren’t conducive to reading but it is to listening; this leatherbound edition is the first physical book I have purchased in 3 years. I sincerely hope they add the rest of the series and also hope that I don’t miss them! I am a very happy customer and I thank you for writing all your novels, not one has been a disappointment.

  7. The hardcover book found its way to my door earlier this week. My young lad took one look at the cover illustration and exclaimed “Death walrus!”

  8. Never thought MHI would make me hungry, or long for home. 😮
    (born Thibodaux, La.)

    I’d go into some more likely culinary suggestions, but too soon for spoilers.

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