I’ve Got Two New Monster Hunter International Releases This Week

This is an exciting week, because I’ve got two new things coming out. First up, the Monster Hunter series has gotten popular enough that we are doing a special limited edition run of all the books in leather. The one that started it all comes out tomorrow. And I just got my copies, they are really nice. If you want one of these, don’t wait around, because it is a limited run.

And the second of the three Monster Hunter memoirs comes out tomorrow too. Sinners is the sequel to Grunge, and the action moves down to 1980s New Orleans.

If you aren’t familiar with the memoirs, they start with Monster Hunter Grunge. The story behind these is that John Ringo wrote them set in my MHI universe (but back in the 80s), and then I edited them to fit the universe.




EDIT: For the 30 people who have asked me since I posted this morning, YES. THERE WILL BE A KINDLE BOOK. YES. THERE WILL BE AN AUDIO BOOK. There will always be a Kindle and an Audio Book. They come out on the release day, which is December 6th. As in tomorrow. The audio book is available for preorder on Audible right now. The Kindle book should go up on Amazon tomorrow.

MH: Sinners eBook update
Christmas Noun stuff is shipping!

74 thoughts on “I’ve Got Two New Monster Hunter International Releases This Week”

    1. The kindle version sometimes takes a couple days to show up. All the other ones have one, so it’s unlikely this one won’t.

          1. As of 1645 Q, there’s still not a kindle option showing.

            That makes me sad, because it means I can’t give Larry more of my money.

    1. Now, apparently. No Kindle version to go with it yet, which is aggravating because I have a text from Amazon to confirm that my hardbound version has just been delivered, but that’s a whole commute away and I wanna read a little NOW!

  1. Yabbut, when is the official release date for the audiobook and the Kindle?

    Cool. Grunge was good, though the pure-Correia books are better. Glad to see more coming out in the MHI world.

    1. Wait until you read Sinners. When Ringo writes, the first book is usually logistics, worldbuilding, and training. Book Two is when he stomps on the gas pedal…

  2. Will the leather bound book have a kindle version?

    Seriously, though, looking forward to receiving it! Congratulations on getting a book in a leather edition. That is awesome.

  3. I would love one of your leather bound copies, and I really should stress YOUR, since since I want the ones you just got! Oh, will you send then for me too?

  4. I’m just here to post a comment that ISN’T about the Kindle or audio version.

    Congrats, ILOH; “Sinners” is on my Christmas list. Now I just have to endure the 20-day wait to see if any of my family members were wise enough to buy it for me. (You might notice a December 26th surge in “Doggoneit, Sinners Was at the Top of My Wish List for a REASON” book sales.)

  5. Since I already read the eARC – and it was AWESOME – I’m starting the ball rolling with “So who is poking around MHI’s archives to find more of these journals?” Hmm? Any chance of more?

    I know the schedule is pretty full, but one can never really tell unless an official source speaks.

    1. Uhm… obviously I am speaking of Sinners. Also, it would be really fun to go from N’awleans over to somewhere where the crystal-loving types are creating disharmony in the ether and really stressing the spectrum, man. Things just come out when the crystals don’t mesh. Just sayin’ it might be a great ’80’s combo with something like oil exploration or pipelines or something.

  6. I woke up to an email from Amazon telling me they’d shipped “Sinners” and I’d have it on Tuesday. Yippee! I’m really looking forward to finding out what kind of monster is on the cover. The teeth look like a hamster, but the body looks like a “Tremors” sandworm. Must not be friendly if they’re using a LAW rocket on it!

  7. I read Sinners in eArc way back when Baen released it in that format.

    It’s good. It’s real good.

    Y’all are gonna love it.

  8. I’m up to chapter 24 because I buy the Baen bundles. Reading in a IE window is a trial but I couldn’t wait for the whole thing. So looking forward to reading the rest on Kindle tomorrow. 🙂

  9. My hardcover copy of MHM Sinners arrived today! So excited!

    What’s the monster on the cover? Its like a mutated mole rat giant slug thing a GM with a nightmarish imagination would dream up.

  10. Argh! No kindle version on Amazon yet! Do they release at a certain time. perhaps? I’d really like to start reading this at lunch today.

      1. It looks like I’ll have to jump through that set of hoops instead of just 1-click purchasing it, yeah. I still hold out hope – I’ve got three hours (or so) for Amazon to get back on the ball.

        1. Pretty sure the authors make more when you buy from baen vs Amazon. That will help make up for the inconvenience of no one click shopping, if you need to justify it to yourself.

          1. Inconvenience is an understatement. What should have been one click involved multiple websites, multiple emails, password resets and no small amount of cursing at Amazon for not having the file up when they were supposed to. On the other hand, the ILOH made a couple of extra cents, so there’s that… Oh, and he didn’t get the pass-through on the amazon link, so it’s probably a wash.

            Pretty sure this is some kind of plot against him to keep him from passing Stephen King in the rankings…

          2. Lol, yeah baen’s website isn’t what anyone would call user friendly. Pretty sure it’s Web .05 instead of 2.0, but the eARC’s and the monthly bundles make it worth the struggle.

  11. I’m waiting on the hardbound paperback copy of the audiobook adaptation of the Kindle version, myself.

    (Hahah, right this second Amazon has nine used copies available. :V )

  12. Downloaded the Audible of Sinners yesterday, and received the Leatherbound book just today from Amazon. Promptly gave it to my wife to wrap for me for Christmas.

  13. Just got my limited edition MHI in the mail today. It IS really nice. First hardcover I’ve bought in, well, ever i think. Definitely the best looking book on the shelf. And just picked up the Audible version of Sinners. Oliver Wyman really adds a new dimension to the MHI books, much better to hear him narrate them than to read them myself.

  14. Are they doing all the MHI books in leather?

    Picked up MHI yesterday and reserved Vendetta and Alpha, would love to have the entire series in leather bound.

  15. Slightly OT, but I wanted to let you know that I grabbed the first MHI book over the weekend, and boy howdy did I get sucked into it. The gargoyles on the roof (and reaction thereto) alone was worth the price of admission.

    I liked Son of the Black Sword but wasn’t expecting to find this as fun as I did.

    Reading your blog and fiskings and whatnot have been a great boot in the rear to sitting down and getting my own stuff written. I salute you.

  16. I’m getting a bit frustrated with Amazon, and it’s not from the Kindle version (I got Sinners with my Baen bundle).

    It’s the 10th, and my leather MHI is STILL in the hands of Amazon, labled “Shipping Soon” with no ability to track. And I ordered it back on November 3rd.

    1. Sadly, Amazon just cancelled and refunded my order of MHI Leather bound version, saying they will not be able to deliver??? Ordered it back in November as well. Not sure what is up with that. Anyone know?

        1. It was a limited run, but I don’t know if they’ve gone through all of them yet, or if Amazon sold out and will get more.

      1. So, received email from Amazon that they cancelled order and the refund was sent to my credit card, then today Monster Hunter International Leatherbound was delivered to my home by UPS. Little strange there, but exceeding glad I have a copy in my hands (see, the precious I have…). So I will wait a few days to see if Amazon charges me again before I contact them about it. Maybe some of you who had your orders cancelled will receive yours (my order still shows cancelled on Amazon).

  17. Bought Sinners. Read it. Good yarn.

    The MHI universe offers a LOT of ideas. An MCB story (MCB doesn’t get to turn down jobs…ever). Monster hunting in the days of Bubba Shackelford….or the monster-hunting exploits of Lieutenant Robert Lee.

    Somebody has got to do a movie.

  18. Amazon just cancelled my order for the MHI special edition tonight. I preordered mid November. I’m so frustrated right now because this was a special Christmas gift for my fiancée and now my options for getting it are dwindling significantly. I’m trying B&N, if that doesn’t work I’m killing a high bounty beast, skinning it and transcribing my beloved falling apart paperback edition into my own special edition.

    1. Hey, if you pick the right critter, and process it correctly, you might get a book that will only open for you, and bite anybody else!

      Maybe MHI could do something similar for some sensitive materials in their archives.
      Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here – this is the War Room!

  19. Great book, great series. Got one suggestion.

    The CO2 inflator in their armor should be automatic. Milo could easily whip up something activated by water pressure equivalent to being 10 to 15 feet under. Can’t everybody count on having a ghost in their heads to push the button when they’ve been paralyzed by wights.

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