19 thoughts on “Christmas Noun stuff is shipping!”

  1. For we need a little gunplay,
    Need a little lingo.
    Need a little sex scene,
    (Someone call John Ringo).
    And we need a little round of
    Social Justice Bingo,

    Need a little Christmas (Noun)!

  2. Prayers and good wishes for Sarah Hoyt, who’s in the hospital for observation following a possible heart attack.

  3. Well, Larry, you’ve inspired my kids to go get 3D modelling software so they can make Christmas Noun ornaments this year. Sigh. I hope the UPS Store or similar 3D print service doesn’t cost too much…

    1. You go with rosewood or black? I though the rosewood looked better, but when you’re arm deep in melon the black seemed like a better call.

      1. Oh no, mine just has the cheap black plastic! I feel so ill-prepared. I must now go out and purchase the premium melon baller!

    1. I just got home from a fun filled day of chillin at Disney World and found a large package leaning on my door. It was my Christmas noun and a bunch of other stuff from CorreiaTech that I forgot I ordered.

  4. Realizing this is a really old post by now, but hoping that Jack will see this somehow or other.

    Could the Christmas Noun Christmas Cards be a thing available every year? I’d love to send some of these out to people next year too; I’ve just about used up all the ones I got with the bundle order.

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