19 thoughts on “Christmas Noun stuff is shipping!”

  1. For we need a little gunplay,
    Need a little lingo.
    Need a little sex scene,
    (Someone call John Ringo).
    And we need a little round of
    Social Justice Bingo,

    Need a little Christmas (Noun)!

  2. Prayers and good wishes for Sarah Hoyt, who’s in the hospital for observation following a possible heart attack.

  3. Well, Larry, you’ve inspired my kids to go get 3D modelling software so they can make Christmas Noun ornaments this year. Sigh. I hope the UPS Store or similar 3D print service doesn’t cost too much…

  4. My copy came yesterday. Best Christmas present ever except for the melon baller I got back in ’08!!!

    1. You go with rosewood or black? I though the rosewood looked better, but when you’re arm deep in melon the black seemed like a better call.

      1. Oh no, mine just has the cheap black plastic! I feel so ill-prepared. I must now go out and purchase the premium melon baller!

    1. I just got home from a fun filled day of chillin at Disney World and found a large package leaning on my door. It was my Christmas noun and a bunch of other stuff from CorreiaTech that I forgot I ordered.

  5. Got my CN books in plenty of time to wrap and send onto my Christmas giftees using MEDIA mail rates.

    Bravo, Team Correia for the Christmas goodness!

  6. Realizing this is a really old post by now, but hoping that Jack will see this somehow or other.

    Could the Christmas Noun Christmas Cards be a thing available every year? I’d love to send some of these out to people next year too; I’ve just about used up all the ones I got with the bundle order.

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