MHI Leatherbound Special LIMITED edition, Available for Preorder Now

This is quite possibly the most important thing you will ever preorder on Amazon…

Okay, seriously. This is a special limited edition, and when they’re gone, they are gone. So if you want one, grab it. They had me sign a few thousand tip in sheets, so these are all autographed too. It will shipping on December 6th, which makes it a perfect Christmas* gift for the MHI fan in your house.

*Full disclosure: A note on Amazon orders since we are heading into the Christmas shopping season. I don’t have ads or a tip jar or anything like that on this blog, but anytime you enter Amazon through any of the links on my blog, and then purchase anything (not just the item I linked to) I get a percentage of the money for the advertising referral. It is pretty sweet for me, and it doesn’t cost any extra to you. So if while you’re buying a book through one of my links and you also need to pick up a big screen TV, that’s cool too.  


Back when I first self published my little gun nut love song to monster movies I never thought it would get to the point where it would be popular enough we’d be doing things like special leather bound editions, or have an expanded universe with other authors writing in it. My fans are amazing. I love you guys. 🙂

Interview with author Mike Kupari
New Freehold novel Angel Eyes comes out today.

28 thoughts on “MHI Leatherbound Special LIMITED edition, Available for Preorder Now”

  1. Already have mine on pre-order. I’ve loved the audiobooks but had not picked up a bound copy yet. Very pleased to hear they’ll be signed too.

  2. This will be the 4th times I bought this book: Baen E-Book, Amazon Kindle, Audible, as part of Monster Hunters collection. Now this leatherbound version.

    1. So nice you had to own them twice! (or more) I’ve got the first three books as a compendium. Great for space-saving, but cumbersome to lug around. Now I’ll be able to enjoy re-reading them in a more portable (and classy) hardcopy.

  3. Ordered. No way I’m missing this. One of the best opening lines in a book that I’ve ever read. “On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream. I got to throw my incompetent jack*** of a boss from a fourteenth-story window. “

  4. Just double-checked Amazon to make sure the preorder was still there. This goes next to the Weber Honor Harrington Leather-bounds. What’s the timing like on the entire series since Vendetta is also available for pre-order?

  5. Are we also going to be able to order the awesome hair-metal covers in poster size this Christmas? Because I’m just that greedy.

  6. I prefer my books like I prefer my sidearms: wrapped in leather.

    Just pre-ordered my copy. Thanks for the notification! Now I’ll have four copies of the first book: in paperback, in Kindle, in the hardback trilogy compilation, and now in leather. If my copy doesn’t come signed for some reason, I’ll make sure to bring it to Libertycon in June.

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