Son of the Black Sword wins the Manticore Award for Best Fantasy

I found out really late Saturday night (actually, it might have been early Sunday morning) that Son of the Black Sword had just won the Rampant Manticore Award for Best Fantasy.

That is awesome. I am honored. Thank you very much, Honorcon. You guys are great. Congratulations to the other winners and everyone who was nominated.

Congratulations to my friend Marko Kloos, who won Best Sci-Fi. He’s a very talented author.

The Rampant Manticore is given out at Honorcon (where judging from my Facebook feed was an interesting scene since Mike Pence, his Secret Service detail, and a bunch of senators were also staying at the same hotel at the time). Honorcon is the home of the Royal Manticoran Navy, David Weber’s hard core and enthusiastic fans.

I appreciate you guys and I’m really glad you liked Son of the Black Sword.


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19 thoughts on “Son of the Black Sword wins the Manticore Award for Best Fantasy”

  1. Probably your best yet. Though, I really liked Nemesis. Son of the Black Sword really won me over with its setting. Of course, there are some similarities between Franks and Ashok, so not really surprising that they wind up being my favorites.

  2. Larry Correia got an award from a con being held at the same place where Trump’s running mate was staying? Let the conspiracy theories begin! 😀

  3. Well deserved indeed!! When might the next book hit the streets? I will need to re-rad SoTBS as a prep for it.

    1. This is the conundrum with Larry’s books. Half of me wishes he would write fewer series so that my favorites would come out more quickly, then the other half of me sarcastically replies “Oh yea?!? They are ALL your favorites dumbass”… Second half is right, of course. SO… I’ll just sit over here where First half and Second half can fall to muttering and pointing out each other’s faults without bothering anyone.

      BTW! Congrats Larry!!! SoBS is AWESOME! I’m happy to see it (and you) get the recognition you deserve.

    2. 2017 is definitely the year of the monster hunters, with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR books. MH Seige (the next Owen book), MH Guardian (the Julie book), MHM Saints (the final Ringo MHI book), and the anthology. I’m going off of memory here but I think he’s going to do another of the Black Sword books before starting the next Grimnoir trilogy. There’s also Into the Darkness and a few others in there.

      1. To paraphrase Zorg from The Fifth Element:
        A year with four books in it! Not one or two or three, but four! Four books! What the hell am I supposed to do with an empty wallet?

    3. Larry’s and Jim Butcher’s series are the ones I re-read every time I’ve got a book on its way to me. I’m more than a little sad that most of my Dresden Files are paperbacks for that reason.

  4. Off topic, but interesting:

    Twitter has been forked.

    Only three rules:
    No posts that have unlawful content.
    No threatening posts.
    No doxxing posts.

    So far, most of the folks posting there are conservatives or libertarians … the SJWs start crying when the mods tell them to use the block function when offended.

    1. I hadn’t heard of that site, but I went there and got in line for an invite after I saw your post, using a gmail account. It said I was like 109,000+ in line. Then today I decided to switch my email to an account on my own website (at my own domain) so I put in another ticket on the waitlist, still like 110,000 in line, but I got an invite 3 minutes later. I guess maybe they think people with their own websites are better able to spread the word? Anyway, I’m glad to see someone offering an alternative to Twitter.

  5. Son f the Black Sword deserves the award. It was a fantastic story and Tim Gerad Reynolds is the best narrator in the business. Please, please finish book Two soon!

  6. Cool. Congratulations! I’m just up to chapter nine of ‘Son of . . . ‘ at the moment and I am enjoying it. IIRC Jim Butcher said of the Dragon awards to vote for SoTBS over his ‘The Aeronaut’s Windlass’ because it was the stronger novel. Well I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Aeronaut’s Windlass,’ but I can see where Jim Butcher was coming from.

  7. Congratulations! I just started reading this book a few days ago. Picked it up from Larry Smith’s booksellers in the dealer room at World Fantasy Con. Not sure I made any friends by reading a Larry Correia book in a lobby where every third person was talking about the Hugos, but that never stopped me from reading a good book!

    Actually, I take that back. I’m not sure what the majority of the con attendees would have thought about it, but one eagle-eyed lady noticed it was a Baen book she hadn’t seen before, and she really loved the cover art.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading the rest of it!

  8. Oh wow, congratulations!! I missed this bit of news. Maybe list the Manticore next to the Dragon on the side bar? (And those are some seriously awesome sounding awards, gotta admit.)

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