Updates: Charity Red Shirtings, Book Bomb

First, forgive the lack of blogging. Monster Hunter Siege is due by Christmas. I’m on track to hit that, but I’m in that super focused working like crazy, book is coming together stage. Which sort of consumes your life.

Also, another piece of land came up for sale next to Yard Moose Mountain, so we swooped in on that. And we’re in the planning stage for building a house up there (want to break ground in the spring, fingers crossed), but in the meantime we’ve got wells to dig, lots of prep, and a half a mile of driveway to put in, so it is kind of a crazy project.

In a note totally unrelated to me building my mountain dream estate, it was brought to my attention yesterday that the Guardian’s Village Idiot has not written an article there since that one bashing me (on my birthday no less!) back in August, and that on his Wikipedia page (yes, I too was shocked he rated one) he was a “former” Guardian reporter. It would appear that after years of him lying about me, crowd sourcing witch hunts, and writing about how I’ve “irreparably damaged” my career, I still have a job, and he doesn’t.

(If you don’t know what this is about, for your reading enjoyment, go up to the search bar on this blog and type in “Village Idiot”. There’s a bunch of fiskings. It’s a hoot. Journalism has been diminished by this tragic loss of talent)

On Monday the 24th I will be putting up a link to a GoFundMe page for a friend of mine to help pay for some of severe medical issues. Donate over a certain amount and I will use your name in an upcoming book. Details to follow on Monday.

Our next BOOK BOMB is on Wednesday the 26th (which means it will actually go live Tuesday night). I will be Book Bombing my friend Peter Orullian, who is a fantastic author, with the best heavy metal hair in the business (sorry, Jim Butcher, you are 2nd).

I’m running way behind on planned Book Bombs. After Peter Orullian, I’ve got BBs planned for Peter Grant, David Coe, and Brian Durfee. I try to do these once a month, but that whole writing books thing keeps getting in the way of my plans.

Want your name to appear in one of my novels? It's Charity Red Shirt time again!
Countdown for Noun!

54 thoughts on “Updates: Charity Red Shirtings, Book Bomb”

  1. I am almost sad to see Damien go. So much entertainment.

    Of course, there will always be others – just this past week or so an article about the lack of women in SF quotes from the false flag sadpuppies dot org as to the “surrender conditions”

    Gotta say, I was pissed that the site (who I had not seen previously) included digs at Kevin J. Anderson. Dude’s the nicest person in the business, and instrumental in helping foster new talent.

    1. True, there will be others, but the Damien pinata was just so perfectly whackable that there was something special about it. Truly, I thought Larry was going to be able to keep beating on that thing forever, and we’d all be able to enjoy the snarky treats that came out.

      Idiots come and idiots go, but there will never be another one quite like Damien. I will sincerely miss him.

      1. You know, it’s not like the guy’s dead. He last posted on his personal site a mere 12 days ago. I’m sure we have decades of joyous idiocy from him to look forward to.

        1. I’ve noticed him posting links to his dribbles on the #gamergate hashtag every week or so. I’m guessing he’s lonely and wants attention, even to the point of childish taunting.

        1. I’ve always suspected that Damien was the ILOHs evil, stupider, doppelganger, created for the sole purpose of being a literary piñata…

  2. OK, everybody, let’s (*giggle*) have a moment (*snort*) of silence (*insincere coughing fit*) for our dear friend (*guffaw*) Damien (*uncontrollable laughter*) . . .

    Oh, sod it. Bwahahahahahahahah!

      1. Sorry, but the Wasatch is formed from extensional rifting.
        The nearest volcanoes are a couple hundred miles to the North, and they’re shield volcanoes, cinder cones, or holes in the ground. They’re not really impressive to look at unless you’ve studied Geology a bit.

        1. ‘Schloss’. Bonus points if your Schloss is named after a noble, majestic animal. ‘Schloss Seekuh’ has a nice ring to it.

          While it’s not quite up there with a volcano lair on the villain lair scale, you can come pretty close if you add a cable car as the primary means of accessing your Schloss.

          1. I like the name the Event Moderator 10 years ago gave his villainous NPC’s lair… Schloss Morte

  3. Now I wonder if something weird is going on. Walter has taken his Twitter private. For a narcissist like ol’ Damien to do something like that is out of character, to put it mildly.

      1. Which is further proof he’s an imbecile.

        The guy is actually literally mentally defective. If you want to see what I mean, search for Village Idiot. Pick the one where I get him to admit to libel on Facebook. Just read it. He’s astonishingly dumb.

        1. I’ve gotten into a Facebook argument with a guy who makes Damien look like a genius by comparison.

    1. In part of the fallout of the Sunil Patel witch-hunt, he apparently managed to pick a fight with Requires Hate. I would assume his account going private is a result of that.

      1. Hard to pick a side in that fight. Maybe hope the winner staggers four paces, collapses and bleeds out from their wounds.

      2. Out of morbid curiosity, what was the Sunil Patel witch-hunt? I seem to have (probably thankfully) missed that one (tho I am familiar with Requires Hate’s insanity).

        1. There’s a link over on my FB page right now. Basically he got fired from a bunch of magazines he worked for due to sexual harassment. There are few details about what he supposedly did, but he was apologizing and begging forgiveness to all the usual suspects.

          I have no idea what actually happened, but he is an obnoxious, self-righteous, social justice douche bag. So the way I see it he is A. Guilty, and I enjoy it because he’s a hypocrite. Or B. He’s not guilty, and a participant in angry mobs getting ripped apart by an angry mob is hilarious.

          1. My money’s on (A). People who wear “Male Feminism” on their sleeves and are complete assholes about it are usually projecting.

          2. They’re people who have confused having the right ideology with doing the right thing.

    1. I always wanted to pluck Earls lit cigarette from his lips and then flick it back into his face, while snidely educating him that there is no smoking allowed in my safe space.
      If you’re going to Red shirt, you might as well go big.

      1. I don’t see Earl making hamburger out of someone who’s just being rude. But I think going furry and snarling at them until they soil themselves would be an appropriate response.

        1. Yeah, Earl’s mean, but he’s no psychopath. If he kills you, you’ve done something that really requires you to die.

  4. Half mile driveways are awesome for light exercise, dog walking, and silly nerf blaster fun, unless its a MN winter in which case you’re a bit boned without your own tractor mounted snowblower. Overall you’re lucky to be getting one.

  5. Looks like Damien got swept up in The Guardian’s most recent round of “redundancies” (UK term for “lay offs”). I guess this means there is now nothing standing in the way of finishing that magnum opus his government paid him to write, except perhaps talent.

    He’ll probably pop up somewhere else before long, spouting his nonsense. People with his over-inflated sense of importance can rarely stand to be out of earshot for long.

          1. At our house (when Dad taught drafting) it was, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, administrate.”

            Having attended the school where Dad taught, I can vouch for the fact that the administrators couldn’t do anything useful.

  6. 1) Good job on your continuing charity work. 2) I feel bad about it because I try to like everyone, or at least see where they’re coming from, and I extend that even to people who have committed terrible crimes and have forgiven people for doing some genuinely horrific things to me personally… but I genuinely can’t stand Damien Walter and I’m not sure why. It’s like he just exudes this aura that makes everything he touches slightly worse. And if I ever found out he had a good opinion of me or anything I ever did, I would be insulted.

  7. Confusingly “moose” are called “elk” in Europe and “elk” are actually “wapiti” or “North American deer”. So the German word for moose is elch and the german word for elk is wapiti or nordamerican hirschart (my colloquial German is horrible so I’m going by the interwebz here on the elk translation)

    Schloss Hofelch?

    Also, the link to Sarah’s “Through Fire” takes you to a book of stories inspired by the music of Rush.

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