eARC for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners is out now

That’s right folks, you can get the Early Advanced Reader Copy of Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners by John Ringo and me right now: http://www.baen.com/monster-hunter-memoirs-sinners-earc.html Because waiting for proof reading is for patient types!

For those that don’t know, an ARC is the early copy that hasn’t gone through the final copy edits, which would normally only be sent to reviewers and book purchasers. However, Baen discovered that impatient fans would pay good money to get a book three months early. So Jim started selling the Baen eARCS, and the rest is history.

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31 thoughts on “eARC for Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners is out now”

  1. Powered through it last night.

    Um, wow…

    MHM:Grunge was good, but Sinners is flat out amazingballs! John was seriously in the zone when he wrote it, and from beginning to end it flows beautifully.

    The leading complaint with Grunge was Chad’s extreme competence (or at least his perception of his own competence). In Sinners, Chad is still very good at what he does, but it doesn’t have the over the top feel that sometimes crept into Grunge.

    I will warn anyone thinking about picking up the eARC (and those who grab the official release on Chad’s birthday; 12/06), make sure your calendar is clear, because once Chad makes it to NOLA, you will NOT want to put the book down!

    The fits of completely inappropriate laughter and odd ninja onion moments are a given if you’ve read Grunge…

    1. “..Chad’s extreme competence (or at least his perception of his own competence)”. Let’s not sugarcoat it – Chad was a Marty Stu in Grunge. Hand waving about him being an unreliable narrator without actually demonstrating his unreliability doesn’t fix that. Maybe that’s addressed in Sinners but the damage is done – Grunge doesn’t stand alone very well; Chad is unlikable and not in an anti-hero sense. I’m loath to spend my money on Sinners to see if that improves.

      I’ll continue to buy anything Larry writes ASAP (I’ve several eARCs), but Ringo-in-Correialand is on probation.

      1. Thank you! I didn’t have the words to describe the ridiculousness that was Chad in the first 200 pages of Grunge until you introduced me to Marty Stu. I know he’s John Ringo and all, but Larry really should have made him re-write the first half of that POS. Fingers crossed for this one.

    2. Completely agree. Great book, but caught me blindsided at the end. This… must… be a trilogy. Someone get down in the archives and start digging around and don’t stop until you find Volume 3!!!

  2. Just copied the sample chapters to read until I am able to buy the book. Thank you for doing this for the readers. Very, very good move on your parts to tease the public into reading , then buying your books. “That” and they are flipping great to read. Ringo and Corriea is a good team. But there is a different feel to the read though. Not bad just different.

    1. If that’s an evil version of Wendell from a parallel dimension, that poor Monster Hunter on the roof of the car is doomed. No way a piddling little bazooka would be enough to deal with Evil Wendell.

  3. Hey, I figure my mind is sharp enough to ‘catch’ what you’re trying to do… I don’t worry about roofpreading anyway…LOL Looking forward to it this weekend.

  4. Wanna know what? I’ve bought all of your books. Every. Single. One. Even re-read them. Lots of times. (Spellbound series is great!!! And so is Son of Black Sword)

    But Memoirs series has a problem: You left me off in the middle. I’m not going to buy the eARC (and have bought your eARCs before) You let me down with that. I finished Memoirs 1 and felt let down. It had never happened before with one of your books. (Consider the source: It might be me.)

    I’ll bet you $10.00 bucks that sales of Memoires 2 will be less than one. And if I lose? I send you the ten bucks, and buy and read the book. But not at $15.00. Fair bet?

    1. John Ringo wrote most of them, and has promoted them heavily on his BookofFaces site. Sales will be brisk. Sinners is flat out good.
      I’ll keep the crow on the barbie. 🙂

    2. Fair enough – you do you as we say.

      Me? Larry could sell me a giant pile of manure and I’d trust him to have a pony in there somewhere.

      Besides, the free Tom Stranger audiobook is worth about 8 hojillion dollars so I’m way ahead even at eARC prices.

  5. Bought it, binge read it, went to work on 3 hours sleep. I consider it both time and money well spent. For all the hyperbole in Chad’s narrative, I enjoyed Grunge and IMO Sinners is a better book. YMMV as I am also a big fan of John Ringo’s work

  6. If you liked Correia’s books, you will probably like this one. Same base ingredients, slightly different flavor.

  7. I just got my copy of Sinners, but I have a question and/or “gripe.” This is a Larry “The author GETS PAID” issue. We all want Larry (and John!) to get paid so we get the Mind Crak, er books you write.

    I’m linking for my friends and family for MHI Grunge if they haven’t read it. I wanted to link it from your MHI site since its a little bit into the “Tip Jar” as you talked about before.

    Um… I’m thinking I’m missing it on the right hand side of your website… Pretty sure I’m not missing it, and it is missing.

    Had to go to the original link to get the Amazon link from your page, I hope that that link will be something like the tip jar for the Amazon page but not sure.

    Any info on when the website will be updated with the book link?

      1. While you’re at it, Jack, what do you think about putting a ‘Dragon Award Winner’ label on the sidebar for Son of the Black Sword? =)

  8. So, when I read grunge I was… underwhelmed. Chad was a super-annoying Marty Sue who was both gratingly holier-than-thou and perfect as well as kind of a despicable person and a hypocrite.

    With Sinner, well, he’s still a duochebag Marty sue. It’s a bit less annoying this time round, I guess? Eh. I will say the setting and background characters were more interesting this time round. I did like the we got to see the MCB as something other than the usual monolithic Evil Government Agency.

    All in all, not enough improvement for me to stick with the series, at least in eArcs. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    1. First, I have to admit I’ve never understood the Mary Sue (I refuse to change the gender — its a Mary Sue) and I refuse to complain with pulp fiction (and this is admittedly pulp — in the best sense of the word). I’ve got plenty of real life — I read for escapism and fun. In a book like these I enjoy being behind the eyeballs of some uber competent fun character.

      Second, the whole series is premised upon a character who literally is sent back to the world by GOD to save the day — not sure calling that a Mary Sue qualifies.

      To be clear everything is personal preference and perhaps this takes you out of the flow — just expressing confusion etc. Also Ringo and Correia have very different styles of the writing and thus Mary Sue elements (come on and admit it — Owen is absolute/uber competent overcomes everything including death etc.). Perhaps it is just the Ringo heavy aspects of this book the grate for you? That would be completely fair. For me I dig both Authors and its immensely fun for me to have the Last Centurion running wild in the MHI universe.

  9. I’m one of them. e-ARCs are book Crack. Costs me roughly double what the ebook will cost on release…

    But I buy it anyway every time. Screw waiting.

  10. Too short!!!

    Totally enjoyable…. Had a blast … and got frustrated… because it is full of teasers leading to the 3d book…

    I had the same Feeling as I had years ago reading “In Death Ground”… Only 200 pages to go, how are the good guys going to win that one … Only 100 pages …. and then… OK, Need to wait for a Sequel.

    Awesome book can’t wait for Saints.

    Anyway, well done you both!

  11. I bought in when the announcement was posted. Totally worth it to me.

    Having glanced through the conversation thread here, I feel the need to ask..

    Were people just as offended by the extreme competence of Owen the Combat Accountant?

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