13 thoughts on “EBR reviews Alliance of Shadows”

  1. I like his violence warning at the bottom.

    It looks like I’ll need to re-listen to the first two when this one comes out. It’s a frustrating choice as a reader: wait until they’re all out so I don’t forget what was happening between books, or buy them as they come out to encourage the publisher to not drop the series. Only it’s not really a choice, since I don’t know if I’ll like it until I read the first book, and if I do like it, it’s like, well, I’ve already started so may as well read whatever other books in the series are out now because I’m stopping mid-series either way.

    1. My brain looped through “Enhanced Battle Rifle” and “Evil Black Rifle” automatically before I saw the URL.

      I’d definitely watch the channel where an “Evil Black Rifle” posts reviews. Books, movies, TV, restaurants, you name it. That would be awesome.

  2. When I try to explain what Dead Six is, I tell people it’s a thriller set in the world of Coast to Coast AM.

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