Mark Your Calendars, Next BOOK BOMB July 6th! Awful Intent by John Brown

That’s right, the next Monster Hunter Nation BOOK BOMB will be on Wednesday, July 6th. (I will actually put the post up Tuesday night).

Our book this month is Awful Intent by Super Author John D. Brown. This is the sequel to Bad Penny, which I was an alpha reader for, and which I loved (I am also a character in it, which is pretty nifty). A tale of Organized Crime and Vigilante Justice is perfect summer reading. If you’ve not read the first one, that’s okay, and I’d encourage you to snag it on BB day instead.

So mark your calendars and tell your friends. As usual the goal is to give a worthy book a boost in the ratings so that more people will see it. Thanks! And Happy 4th of July!

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4 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars, Next BOOK BOMB July 6th! Awful Intent by John Brown”

  1. I really liked BAD PENNY. There are so many places an author could have gone lazy, and he didn’t.

  2. Bad Penny is available for Kindle right now at 99 cents. A buck a book with a penny change is not bad. Will go full price for the sequel if I like it!

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