Urban Allies, where Agent Franks teams up with Joe Ledger

I’ve talked about the Weaponized Hell a little bit before. It is a team up story where my Agent Franks teams up with Jonathan Maberry’s Captain Joe Ledger. And then lots of stuff gets murdered.

Weaponized Hell is available in the Urban Allies anthology. The idea behind Urban Allies is team ups between various characters with their own urban fantasy series. When Joe Nassie, the editor, first contacted me about this and was listing off other authors who had agreed to be in it, I stopped him at Maberry, and was like whoa… He got a partner yet? Then I immediately called Jonathan and said dude, bring Ledger? And he responded with sure, if you bring Franks.

Jonathan is a Franks fan, and has written a Franks story for the upcoming MHI anthology too (Franks vs. Nazis in WW2, though in a totally unexpected way). I think the Ledger DMS novels are fantastic reads. And I wrote a Rudy story for the upcoming Ledger anthology. (he does a psych eval that gets really weird).  Yeah, that professional writer thing where you keep seeing recognizable names in other authors’ various anthologies? It is because we are all big dorky fans at heart.

I haven’t gotten to read the other stories in this anthology yet, but considering the characters we brought together, I bet ours is the most violent. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Urban Allies, where Agent Franks teams up with Joe Ledger”

    1. It isn’t a Baen anthology. I have zero say over whether any other publisher chooses to use DRM or not.

      1. I’ll likely get it when the price comes down, but DO look forward to it. In the meantime, i’m waiting to throw my money at “Alliance of Shadows”

        Too bad I can’t hold my breath until October

      2. Indeed. Harper Collins can do as they please. It’s just that the presence of DRM lowers the price I’m willing to pay for content by about a factor of 20, is all.

    2. You know what doesn’t have DRM? Paper books. Yet another way they’re superior to digital. (Yes, digital has its pros as well, but for my money as a customer paper still comes out on top.)

  1. pro: Franks/Ledger story.
    con: giving Seanan McGuire some of my money

    Gonna have to think about this one.

  2. Ordered. I’m so glad that your stories are still released in print and not just digital. I look forward to reading your contribution as well as Jeff Somers’ and Jaye Wells’ stories.

  3. Larry! I went to give you my money as I have been for years only to see a pre-order for Monster Hunter: Sinners by you and Ringo. Larry… I feel betrayed that I had to learn about the sequel to Grunge (which I read in one sitting) from Amazon. I thought we were friends.

  4. Grrmble… Larry…. I had to read that post and then I had to buy Patient Zero and then … oh well, I am sure you can figure the rest out…

    Awesome read and I am now hooked to another author!!!

    So, err, ok, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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