Behold the Power of the BOOK BOMB! (a behind the scenes look at what a BB does for an author)

I thought this was pretty nifty. Brian wrote this blog post up based upon his experiences from last week’s Monster Hunter Nation BOOK BOMB.

He sent me the actual numbers. Not too shabby. Basically a BB moves about as many books as twenty good book signings (or about a hundred average ones, sadly, not an exaggeration).

For all the authors who ask me about doing BBs for them, believe me, I’d love to. However, I can’t for a few reasons.

I’m limited in time. One reason these work is that I don’t over do it. I try and limit the BBs to no more than one a month, tops. Anything more and they cease to be special.

Also, I have to try and pick books that I think are a good fit for the fans. I’ve picked a pretty wide variety of books on here, but I still have to read them first and go with things that I think they’ll like. One reason the BBs keep working is that I haven’t really led the buyers astray.

Normally the authors I pick are people who I am acquainted with somehow, and I know that they are in a position where the BB could help boost their career. So you can ask, but I’ll probably have to say no, just because at any given time I’ve got a gigantic stack of books people want me to read, and I can’t promise anything.

Memorial Day
Sarah's new book is out! Through Fire (Darkship book 4)

13 thoughts on “Behold the Power of the BOOK BOMB! (a behind the scenes look at what a BB does for an author)”

  1. That’s pretty awesome.

    I really like the inclusiveness and the friendliness I see on the part of the supposed exclusionary people like you, Hoyt, etc – you all do a lot to help others, especially when their work is solid.

    And hey, if a former Democrat businessman from NYC can become the Republican nominee, I’m sure with enough dedication I’ll write something worth a book bomb! 🙂

    1. Oh, and by “supposed exclusionary” I mean how those of us leaning right supposedly want to keep folks out. In case any readers here are from Rio Linda..

      1. Just how much overlap is there in a Venn diagram of “readers” and “from Rio Linda”?


  2. You are truly a force to be reckoned with, my friend. It’s been over a week, and the Book Bomb sales boost is still going!

    Plus, I’ve heard that Amazon has been sending out emails recommending my books.

    So yeah, the events you set in motion have been pretty much life changing 🙂

    At this rate, I’ll end up buying the mountain across from yours, covering it with garish lawn flamingos, blasting REO Speedwagon cranked up to 11 at all hours, and constantly be borrowing/forgetting to return* your lawn tools.

    And it’s all thanks to you!

    *Tools may or may not end up on Ebay.

    1. For some reason its not letting me post a comment on your blog, so I’ll ask this question here: How much did the BB affect your other book, Souldancer? I’d be interested to know how much of a boost it got on the coattails of Nethereal.

      Looking forward to reading both your books. My TBR stack is frustratingly large, but anyone who cites 90s anime as an influence will almost certainly see their stuff morph to the top of the pile rather than linger in the queue. Keep up the writing!

      1. Thanks for the question. My second book did get a sales boost from the Book Bomb. The increase was about 10% as big as Nethereal’s, which is still significant. This pleases me, since SD has a special place in my heart 🙂

        I am, however, troubled that something is keeping you from commenting at Kairos. The comment settings are wide open, so you might want to find out if you’ve been spammed anywhere else on Blogger. I’ve heard that can cause problems like this.

        Your readership is greatly appreciated!

    2. LC is going to get a serious swelled head…ILOH, Mountain, Tank, now a “force to be reckoned with”, where does it end?

      1. I hear that after the events of Monster Hunter Vendetta, there’s an opening for an Elder God.

        1. While that position is currently vacant, there won’t be an actual opening (at least not one posted on for another 485 years, give or take a few.

  3. Something I’m not very good at… now everyone should read the book and *write a review* and rank the book on Amazon.

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