8 thoughts on “Tom Stranger teaser trailer”

  1. I call it, the most amazing crack fan fiction by the author himself ever. Not for the easily offended or special snow flakes.

  2. Awesome? Undoubtedly. TV show? Maybe. I mean the Special Effects in your head are always going to be the most awesome ever.

    1. Do it as an old timey radio show. Break into 5 minute segments per day. I’m sure there’s some morning radio show that’d pick it up.

      Get GEICO, AFLAC, Esurance, etc. to sponsor it and have Stranger do the intermission commercial.

  3. I’m sure it would be an amazing TV show, but I doubt anyone else could write it as funny as you, and if you went off to write TV how would we all live without your books?

  4. My wife wants to know if this was one of those “Drunken Writing Night” challenges. For myself, all I can say is Hwwooooon!

  5. Stranger and Stranger?

    Will we meet the Stranger partner in a future story? Is it the wife, brother or sister, curmudgeonly father or uncle?

    1. Remember this is a multi-verse. We already seen the all-powerful version of InterDimensional Lord of Hate and his awesome hair…

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