Sarah’s new book is out! Through Fire (Darkship book 4)

This snuck up on me. The regular book isn’t out yet, but the ebook is. I’ve not got to read this one yet, but Sarah is a fantastic author, and this series is awesome.

Through Fire (Darkship book 4)Sarah A. Hoyt



Seriously, if you’ve not read Sarah’s stuff, you should. The narrator in the first book of this series is what convinced me that she should write Julie Shackleford.

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7 thoughts on “Sarah’s new book is out! Through Fire (Darkship book 4)”

  1. I normally wait for the dead-tree edition, but because this is Sarah, I think I’ll make an exception.

  2. Yes! Sarah really should write Julie Shackleford.

    Through Fire is next on my list, after Grunge.

  3. You know Larry I don’t think I know of any other Auhors who work as hard at promoting others peoples works as you do. It says a lot about your character that upon achieving success your first thought was to help others succeed.

  4. Interestingly enough, just last week I was in my local library pondering a new author to try out, and Sarah Hoyt’s name kind of popped into my head because of her upcoming work with Larry. I grabbed the first Darkship book, and my only regret is it’s a holiday weekend and I have to wait until Tuesday to read more!

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