Member of the Monster Hunter Nation could use our help

Many of my regular readers here and on Facebook know Chris Byrne.

Please read this

A while ago Chris got cancer, fought it, beat it, and then went several years cancer free. He got to live a whole bunch of life he didn’t expect to get. But unfortunately years later it came back, and now he is going through treatment again. Chris is a fighter, but it has been a huge financial and morale drain on his family.

I’ve known Chris for a long time. He’s one of my favorite people to debate with, both when we’re on the same side, or when we disagree, either way the dude is sharp as a tack. To give you an idea of what kind of person Chris is, many years ago when Mike and I were writing Dead Six, Mike was on active duty and his laptop died. He was deployed, broke, and couldn’t write. Having been Air Force himself, being a computer geek, and knowing how broke Mike was at the time, Chris organized a bunch of his friends, they built a laptop and shipped it to Mike, all to help out another vet.

So this is the kind of guy, who when in a position to help somebody, gladly does so. But right now he could use a hand. So please check out that link. There is a Go Fund Me and Paypal there if you want to kick something in for the Byrnes.

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22 thoughts on “Member of the Monster Hunter Nation could use our help”

  1. There are no comments so I don’t know if it’s thanks to Larry but a lot of people have given a decent amount of money in the past couple of hours. If any of you reading this gave I salute you. Here is a direct link to the Go Fund Me page if anyone interested as Larry’s link to a blog. You have to scroll all way down to get the actual link to give money.

  2. 50 donations totaling over $4000 in the 20 hours since I donated what little I could. Going back a day, it’s 65 donations totaling over $5500 since MHN first became aware of this from Larry’s Facebook and other methods yesterday afternoon.

  3. We are Monster Hunter Nation. Cancer need not have fangs to be called a monster. Gladly donated and praying for the Byrne family.

  4. If I was not currently having money issues, I would donate.

    Even a beater car would improve their situation right now. Chris is missing treatment dates due to no transportation.

      1. FYI: I have received an answer by private e-mail. I consider that answer to be complete and justified.

          1. Irritating. It looks like Chris’s bad money management skills have bit a bunch of other people on the ass. Welp, his wife is managing the money now.

      2. Cycle of “my family is in some form of terrible crisis or another, give use money”. Money is forthcoming because this community is awesome.
        Post weeks later of awesome new truck/gun/toy.*

        I’ve donated a not insignificant amount of money the time his kids custody was in crisis.

        It sucks that life keeps kicking his ass, but how many times can you really run back to your group of friends and beg for money?

        *No, I won’t go dig up links to previous “the sky is falling please help” , don’t ask.


        1. Unfortunately, these are real cisises, excaberated by Chris’s poor money management skills.

          He really did have a divorce rodeo from hell to deal with, and he is battling with cancer. Hopefuly Melody will restrict spending to survival. Chis is a good friend of mine, but he is worse than Kim du Toit at budgeting.

          1. Literal lol at the Kim du Toit budget skills, was really fond of that guy’s writing, but man… Beg for funds, then take a giant vacation. Yeah, no more charity for you.

            That said, and this being a borderline stupid question, are there no vet resources available? The VA sucks, but there’s no end to private orgs dedicated to helping vets in need. Is there no AF equivalent to the Marine Corps association?

  5. As OldNFO says, done. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer three years ago; even with a great work situation for both the wife and I, it sucked.

  6. RED FLAG WARNING…….I am someone who was sucked into this swill of pity a few years back and was taken for money that I could ill afford to waste , while in the midst of my own stage 4 cancer battle. You have been warned that the Chris Byrne traveling swindle show has come to your town and will bleed you dry and then move on to a different town or group of “suckers”. I have seen at least 2 iterations of this show and the premise is the same. Play on folks heart strings, cancer, depression, lights being turned off, starvation.. Lots of money raised……toys purchased, furniture new digs. A public outing, funds dry up and moving on to fresh fertile new folks to prey upon. With all the money raised why doesn’t one go on the health exchange get insurance and have medical expenses be covered? That is what most resourceful folks would do. No, Obamacare is not the ideal but neither is bleeding people for your failure to plan. I am sorry to be the wet blanket on this obvious party but it burns my biscuits to see people get taken in time and time again. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD now watch it unfold.

  7. I guess we’re going to do this here, after all. I was the anonymous coward who pointed Akatsukami at the answers he sought. I considered Chris a friend, and he knows exactly who I am… I made my opinions well known on the open forum in the thread that was linked above. I don’t want Chris to die… I want him to beat the cancer but I can not support somebody who has ripped off so many of my friends, and if they want to make an issue of it here, then the least I can do is lend my voice in their support.

    Kristophr was once a member of our community when it was still hosted by the Du Toits and I consider him to be a good guy, however, he has missed out on a lot of the history. Bad money management skills does not begin to cover it, and is a far more charitable explanation than is deserved. Among other financial issues, Chris solicited donations for the upkeep of the domain name for “The Gun Counter Forum” which has been hosted at no cost to the members since its inception in 2008 by one of the other founders. Of the donations that we know about, they totaled well over a grand…. The domain was renewed for one year; where did the rest of the money go?

    1. I too have watch while well meaning folks have been drawn in. They have supported, gave money, business opportunities. But why would one want to earn money when this scheme is going so well.? The constant picking up stakes and relocating is because the scam only lasts so long before people catch on and funds dry up. I am considering involving local law enforcement. Yeah, that may do the trick!!
      Having a background in medicine, I can tell you that diagnosis’ do not line up and thyroid cancer is an easy one to beat. Hell, my oncologist is a thyroid cancer survivor and he does a huge patient load and has moved on with life. Do you hear a sucking sound, me too!! Thanks for coming forth and reinforcing some of the shenanigans that are well known to many.

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