Son of the Black Sword on the Gemmell Award list. Fans Can Vote

Son of the Black Sword is on the long list for the Gemmell Award.

Anybody can vote, just go here.

There is a lot of talent on that list.

From the page:

 The Legend Award, named after David Gemmell’s first and most popular novel, is presented to the fantasy title judged the year’s best by open vote.


You can now vote for one nominee on each of the three lists of nominations for the Legend Award (best novel), the Morningstar Award (best debut) and the Ravenheart Award (best cover art).

Voting on the longlists closes at midnight (GMT) on Friday, 24th June.

The shortlists will be opened for voting on Friday 8th July.

The David Gemmell Awards For Fantasy enter their eighth year in 2016, once again recognising and rewarding the very best in fantasy fiction and artwork. 2016 also marks the tenth anniversary of the untimely death of bestselling author David Gemmell, in whose memory the awards were created.

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22 thoughts on “Son of the Black Sword on the Gemmell Award list. Fans Can Vote”

  1. There is a ridiculous amount of talent on that list. In years of voting for awards *cough*hugos*cough* this is the first time I’ve had to make an actual value judgement because there was more than one book I enjoyed on the list, and I could only vote for one.

    Augh! The stress!!

    1. I only recognize a few names on that list; but, assuming that the rest of the books are if the same clobber, the award list is my new reading list. No question.

    2. I’ve actually read a fair number of books on that list. Which is rare for awards lists.

  2. I have never heard of these awards, but “Legend, Morningstar, Ravenheart” sound like track names from a death metal album that was produced by angry high school kids in their garage. I wholeheartedly approve.

  3. Dammit, you’re forcing me to choose between Black Sword and Aeronaut’sWindlass, you mountain-stealing swine!

    1. Having reread both recently, it was actually not that hard for me to pick which was better in this case.

      It ultimately came down to a choice between characterization for me, since both worlds were new and freaking awesome and I wanted to read more; the plots were definitely intriguing, and I could not put them down, etc. Larry won over Jim for me on the score of those two books. (And yes, de gustibus, etc.)

  4. So I was all like, doot-de-doot… Larry’s book is up for an award, and that book was AWESOME, so maybe I’ll go vote for it.

    Then it hit me… HOLY CRAP that’s a long list of books. I love me some Larry Correia (After all, I have said that I would read anything Larry wrote, even it if it was just a short story, doodled on a roll of TP out of boredom during a long poo), but how do I say SoTBS is better than all of these others without reading them all? Who has time to read ALL THOSE BOOKS?

    Perhaps I am taking this too seriously…

    On a personal note, as a wanna-be author, I dream of one day being on one of these lists myself.

    1. Well, this is voting on the initial longlist, and will be used to produce a more manageable shortlist. In other words, vote based on the things you’ve already read, and don’t worry about the rest until the shortlist comes out.

  5. Hard to vote for just one, but I think SotBS is really in keeping with the spirit of Gemmell’s novels.

  6. Voted for SotBS. Some of the others on that list look interesting, and I might eventually give them a try. But since there are no guarantees I’ll get to them before the deadline, I just voted for Larry.

    BTW, I note with some pleasure that there are a few Warhammer and Forgotten Realms titles on that list. Good to see those series get some recognition.

  7. It would have been helpful for them to have links to the book covers for the best artist award. Or at least make the titles copy/pastable instead of an extension of the vote button.

    1. While not on the Voting page Larry linked to, the Ravenheart Award page does have links for each artist & includes an image of the cover art they’re being nominated for (see the navigation links at the top, Ravenheart Award is the tab immediately to the left of Voting).

  8. Voted, then went to the Legend award list to get the nominated books as a recommended reading list / buy list.

    Noticed after copying the book titles and authors’ names that there weren’t any by Tor.

    More importantly:
    *sob* I had to choose only one book. THERE COULD ONLY BE ONE.

  9. That’s way too many books, too many of which I have not read. So I have to think about this a different way…

    Who is most worthy of receiving the prize: a forged replica of Snaga, the battle axe of Druss?

    The answer is clear. But since I can’t add my own name to the list, I guess I’ll have to vote that you receive it instead. I know you’d bring great honor to the axe.

    PLUS! It would grant you at least a +2 vs. Heteromediocrity as well as a +3 bonus to privilege checks.

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