38 thoughts on “Behold the Awesome: JP Enterprises MHI Cazador Rifle.”

  1. Dear Santa Christ I found what I want for Christmas.
    I would buy it, but it’s almost 5 times what I can afford to buy in a gun.

  2. But if your readers spend nearly 5K (and probably more after taxes and such are added) on the rifle, how will they be able to afford your next book? 😛

  3. Do want…. do want!

    Not buying because, well, Northcote 2.0, new daughter, but do want!

    Great Alaska gun! You know, light enough for deer, and big enough for bear if you get hunted in return. Happened to a friend of mine, found out about it yesterday. He had a .270 vs a 780 lb. Brown bear. He said the bear was after him, or his tuna sandwich. either way, almost did not end well for him.

    Or you run into those damn dirty Ice ghouls. I live 10 miles from a glacier field 100 miles deep

    They’re up there. And they’re waiting. They can wait longer with some .308 love down here. Hate ghouls. Ice ghouls sound even worse.

  4. …I really, really really want one of those.

    However I want a house and a new truck someday more 🙁 And a five grand rifle would put a big dent in that savings.

  5. Darn it Larry! Not everyone here is a hack D-list author who gets 6-figure royalty checks! My piggy bank isn’t near big enough for that sort of hardware!

  6. That is a beautiful weapon! I’ve been looking for a first weapon to own and that will be what Santa buys for Santa this year when he saves some money for his favorite Ape.

  7. Can you tell us a little bit about what decisions went into this? Think about this, if John Wayne had a signature weapon that his characters what big fan wouldn’t want one just like the Duke? Seriously Larry, you’ve taken things to a whole new level with this. Bravo Zulu!

  8. I don’t often covet a rifle, as I’m already pretty well kitted out, but this one is so awesome that the coveting has begun in earnest.

  9. Looks classy. Larry, could you talk about what specific things you did that went into the development of this rifle? I am assuming its more than ” You guys go ahead and make an awesome AR-10, and put an MHI logo on it.”

    1. I sat down with them at their factory and went over every part. John Paul has forgotten more about building rifles than most professionals have ever known.

      1. Larry could you walk us through the rationale for the parts you chose? Either why you chose the parts you did or why Owen would have chosen them?

        1. Actually, that’s in the book. 🙂

          Real quick, JP is top of the line everything, side charger because running suppressed you get less gas in the nose. Roller trigger because they are amazing. .308 was mandatory because of the world (you can get yours in whatever caliber you want). Bronze finish was because Milo wanted something that looked cool, but wouldn’t stick out too much to be impractical.

          1. Yiu truly are awesome Larry. I knew why it was .308 (MHI only stocks 3 calibers of silver loads if I remember correctly) but I was curious about the rest. Cant wait for the Next MH book. I like Grimnoir and all but MH is my favorite series.

    1. I think they will keep making them because you can still special order the previous years’ specialty rifles.

  10. Goergeous, but for five grand I’d expect to be able to throw the rifleb out the bedroom door and let it clear the house.

  11. Any place to get info on the proprietary systems used? The site does not give details like why you would like the low mass system, etc.. It makes it hard to judge when info is limited. JP needs a Faq section or something so customers can know why components are selected over other choices.

    1. For a rifle that pricey, best thing to do is probably call them up and walk through the order. They’re willing to change any particular part.

      1. They list proprietary parts but no info on them. If they are going to make parts and bother to call them jpwhatever, it would be useful to know why they feel it’s better than others. That does not even get into the issue of interchange with industry standard parts, where appropriate. If they had a proprietary magazine you would want to know if you could use standard AR10 or whatever. I am commenting on the site, not just the special edition rifle. It looks great but I would hate to end up with a rifle that looks like an ar10/sr25 and has such unique internals that it can not share any parts. The best part of the AR boom is so much inovation can be applied to so many manufacturers. It would sucks to find out there is a design flaw in a component of a proprietary design and be stuck if the manufacturer has no fix.

  12. Learned something that I should have know. ARs are made out of aluminum alloy. Huh; no wonder they weight 5.5 pounds with the magazine.

  13. As someone who got to fondle the Cazador at SHOT Show I’ll just say that I’m going to be digging in the couch cushions later looking for some spare change, very nice rifle!

  14. Dang, that is a sweet-looking rifle. I like the Portuguese name for it, too. Perfect. I don’t even want to know how much it costs. I know I can’t afford it anyway, and it’ll only make me sad.

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