5 thoughts on “My short story, Detroit Christmas has a full cast audio drama on Audible”

  1. I got it when Baen offered it for Christmas a couple of years ago, last listened to last Christmas. IT is in the old radio drama style, with a multi person cast and sound effects.

  2. That was the story that introduced me to you, actually. It misled me into thinking that Grimnoir was, well, noir, so I was rather disappointed, but Faye made up for it. I like Faye.

  3. I’m not complaining but at 1.46 per hour it about the same breakdown as the other Grimnoir novels, normally the per hour breakdown for a short story much more than the full books in any series on audible. This story reminds of the full cast serials that were very popular on radio before the rise of tv which is really fitting given the era the books take place in.

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