Geeky Hobbies: Little Space Dudes 3 (Nomads from Infinity)

The third Infinity army I’ve painted is a little different than the others. See, this is the army my 11 year old son uses for the war game. He likes to paint but he’s still learning, and he knows it, only he wanted a good looking army, but he didn’t want to just have Dad paint them for him.

So on most of these he picked the schemes and did the base coats by himself. Then I came through and did clean up, shading, and detail work.

imageGroup shot. For bases we decided black and ashy, then used some coal dust weathering on some of them.

Some of mine, specifically because I needed the characters for the RPG I’m running. Zach is into Ninja Hacker Space Nuns.

Some examples of me trying to paint the Nomad symbol freehand.

More of mine for the RPG. The middle figure is from the Aleph line, but painted as a Nomad because that’s Tony’s engineer PC from the current game.

These my son helped me with. He decided that whenever possible his were going to be super hero themed. So the dude with the corn rows actually has an M over his eye like Bishop, the girl looks like Harley Quinn, and… some dude.


More from me and my son. He tells me the middle dude with the white head was for Hush (Batman villain)

More from me and my son, we’ve got Slade, Ironman, Deadpool, and Bullseye.

But an Ironman suit isn’t enough… Oh no, we need Hulk Buster and Warmachine for the big guys.

Then this is one I did, mostly so I could play with red shading on my air brush. The blue high lights on the hoses pop pretty good.


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26 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Little Space Dudes 3 (Nomads from Infinity)”

    1. It would be difficult for somebody named Jake Sullivan to not be a total bad ass. You’d have to really try hard not to be awesome with a hard boiled name like that.

  1. Damn! Larry these are really great. The freehand symbols are really nice. How long does it take you to paint a mini? You seem super prolific at it!

    1. It depends. Most of these I go pretty fast. I’ll do a mini a night. To relax I’ll put some TV streaming in the background. Usually in about three episodes I’ll be done. On some I’ll take my time, but I don’t find it relaxing to work on one for a super long time.

    1. Don’t be too pleased. It’s only because Wendell has been sneaking illegal manatee “refugees” in from his own universe…

      1. 🙂 You should the lengths I went to to try and make John Scalzi’s head. You may enjoy the Morlock that will appear later in the week. In retrospect the face looks a bit like the MHI patch.

      2. Is that supposed to be *insulting* to Larry? Because it strikes me as hilarious and kind of cool. Not to mention a sign that Larry is now living rent-free in somebody’s head.

        . . . That said, for some reason I suddenly can’t get the “No, Lord Helmet, I didn’t see you playing with your dolls!” scene from “Spaceballs” out of my mind . . . 😛

          1. Any chance of an Andrea Dworkin Lego-doll with John Scalzi riding on her shoulders holding a Hugo Award?

          2. Or a Renfield-Scalzi. You pull the ring and it says “Priv-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-lege” in a mewling monotone.

    1. I’ve been known to post a YouTube clip of the “Playing With Your Dolls Again” scene from Spaceballs to mock various progs, puppy-kickers, etc., but I didn’t expect someone to actually make dolls of his enemies.


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