AR lowers with free MHI laser etching, January only

I was planning my upcoming SHOT Show event with JP Enterprises this weekend and I’ll post the press release for that shortly, but more importantly for you guys, they’re doing a sale this month. Order any of their lower receivers and they’ll do any of their lasermarks for free.
That includes MHI and MCB logos!
Here’s the link to their custom lasermark page where the different marks are visible:

The free lasermark deal is good through the end of January and applies to any new rifle/lower assembly ordered or the following receiver items:

They told me that customers have to call in to order serial numbered items, so they should make sure to mention this deal when they call.
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13 thoughts on “AR lowers with free MHI laser etching, January only”

    1. If you did an SBS for the short barrel, or did a long barrel I don’t see why not. I don’t think there are any extra regs on flare launchers. Check with somebody who knows though, I’m out of date.

        1. Would a Picatinny rail hold up under that kind of stress? I’m thinking no, myself. That’s a lot of force to put on that type of connector.

        1. Don’t forget that Abomination is not only a sawed-off, shotgun, illegal automatic weapon, and a grenade-launching Destructive Device but, by virtue of its spring-loaded bayonet, it’s also a switchblade knife.

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