Geeky Hobbies: Little Space Dudes 2 (PanO from Infinity)

I told you guys I painted a bunch of these this year.  🙂

Up next, Pan Oceania. Since these are high tech space Catholics, I went with more of a cool blue and teal on the armor. For the knights, white sashes and red crosses. For the regular troops teal and jade green to make the armor pop. The bases I went with a sandy grey/yellow that offsets the armor color.

Group pic. I’ve got a couple of their TAGs (big robots) but have not painted them yet.

So the rank and file troops get the jade shoulder pads. It off sets the blue/sapphire washes I use for the armor.


Now I start to get into the white cloaks and crosses for the SPACE POPE!


The glow effect is for the hacker. The pic on that one doesn’t really do the light effect justice.

I do love these sculpts. They do such a good job on the faces, with enough depth that a decent paint job can really make them pop. These are fairly new, and way easier to paint faces than some of Corvus Belli’s older models.



AR lowers with free MHI laser etching, January only
Geeky Hobbies: Little space dudes (Ariadna from Infinity)

12 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Little Space Dudes 2 (PanO from Infinity)”

  1. The swords look nice and all, though I have to wonder how good they are against armored guys with guns.

  2. Geeky or not those look amazing! Where do you find time for everything? Did MHI establish a non-linear-time enclave for you in the realm of a vanquished Ancient One?

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